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Thread: New infil plane

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    New infil plane

    Totally inspired by Konrad Sauers K series planes that I played with a couple weeks ago at a show here is a prototype that is almost complete. 6 1/2 inches long smoother with blade bed of 52.5 degrees. Infil is ebony that needs a couple more coats of French polish to complete.
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    I've been to busy to post for a month or so but I have to take a few seconds to say this it great! Did you turn the cap screw yourself?
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    Wayne, are you a machinist?

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    Hi Peter, no i am a woodworker with some metalworking knowledge. I plan to do a production run of 5 of these planes. I made all components from scratch except the blade. It was purchased.
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    Gorgeous ...
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    Looks heavy. I'll carry that for you.
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    Looks like a fun little plane to use.

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    Beautiful work Wayne. If you have any, please post a video of construction or of the plane in use.
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    Looks good, Wayne. Nothing is quite as satisfying as using your own tools with good effect.

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    Very nice work Wayne.
    +1 on build pics or some shavings.

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    That is a heck of a prototype. I can't wait to see the next one. Great job all around

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    Wow. Really beautiful.

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    Gorgeous work! I'll second the request for construction photos.

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    Thanks everyone for the amazing amount of interest in this plane and the complements. I have made a few planes in the past but when I used Konrads planes at a show a little while ago I was totally amazed and it took my interest and appreciation for this type of plane to a new level. I admit I became a little obsessed with making this plane and there were a few nights the shop till 3 am. The lines of Konrads K series planes I feel are the finest I've ever seen and hopefully he does not mind me borrowing some for my planes. I will try to take some higher resolution pics this weekend to show finer details of the plane and if I can get one of my kids to take a video of it in use I will post it. Thanks.


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    Nice work!
    Please post build pics, as I'd like to try one too!

    Oh, and Konrad is a very nice guy.
    I don't think he'd mind. Rather, I think that he'd be flattered if you showed this to him.

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