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Thread: Air Pump Replacement.

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    Air Pump Replacement.

    Hello people. I need to replace my air pump, lose some power. I attached the specs. any info finding similar model?
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    Let's start with what make and model you have ????
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    My machine is a chinese laser 24x36 80w. The link is where i buy the machine. They name it L36.

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    Jesus, you haven't given us much information. What does this pump do? Is there a reason why you don't want to get a spare part from Motiontec? Is the pump not adequate in some way?

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    Your pump says 150 l/min but has a sticker over the voltage. I wonder if it is only producing half as much as it should be on 120V. The Chinese don't understand how US wiring works very well.

    I bought two of these on amazon and they product 110 l/min. I also bought an air brush pump from harbor freight but the amazon ones "Blows" it away I returned the harbor freight pump.
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