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Thread: New wall lumber rack (pic)

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    New wall lumber rack (pic)

    Using ideas from various other racks (thanks to Dick P and many other great SMC'ers.) I put this together over the weekend and can now begin to get my wood off the floor. The idea was to still have space available under the rack for usable space. I may end up building a long cut off bench with either a chop saw or my Dad's 40 year old Craftman radial arm saw (still a good heavy accurate tool, believe it or not!) set in to it. Drawer storage will eventually follow under the bench. I'll have vertical storage to one side of the rack for 4' to 5' lengths.

    Did a "swing" test from pipe to pipe and it didn't come down .

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    Looks like some good lumber storage! You should be able to get at what you need to. Also looks like you will be able to see at a glance what you have.
    Jeff Sudmeier

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    That looks good - nice job!

    I'm thinking of doing something similar and have a couple of questions for you.

    1. Are your holes drilled at an angle? It looks like your pipes tilt upward a tad which seems like a good idea. But it could just be an illusion from the photo.

    2. How deep are your vertical members - did you use 4x4s or 2x4s? I just can't quite gauge from your picture.

    Thanks for posting.

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    The pipes are at a slight up angle (about 3-4 degrees). I get a tad more head space under the ends of the pipes and thought that as the 4 x 4's dry, the pipes might sag a bit with all the weight.

    The horizontal pieces are 2 x 4's lag bolted to the walls studs with 3/8" x 5" bolts. The vertical pieces are 4 x 4's dado'ed to fit over the 2 x 4s and then lag bolted with 5/16" x 3 1/2" bolts. There's about 50 lags here total.

    Additionally, I bought a 10" 3/32" metal cut off wheel, stuck it in my chop saw and presto...It worked. Much better than a hack saw. You just have to accomodate the sparks. (see photo)


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    Nice work Kent.

    What ... no pictures of you playing Tarzan?

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    Nice setup, Kent. Wood storage always seems to be an important issue to deal with. Good idea in leaving some room below for active use, but you sure you have enough outlets there???!!!
    John K. Miliunas

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    Kent - Thanks for the response. Have fun filling it up!

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    Thumbs up

    Nice design. Very inventive for the cut-off saw!
    If sawdust were gold, I'd be rich!

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    Kent the wood rack looks great. That should give ya plenty of room for storage and access below. Looks like ya did a really good job of alignment with the pipes.

    Great Job

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    What kind of pipe is that, I can't make it out in the pic? How long did you cut them?

    The up-angle is probably a good idea, I've been pondering the wall-stud/half-lap type racks and figured I'd cut them at about 2*. But I think I like the looks of this system better.

    Looks good, but I wish you'd add a few outlets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Knabel
    Kent - Thanks for the response. Have fun filling it up!
    An angle grinder with a 1mm cut off blade works well.

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    The pipe is standard 1" water pipe (~1 5/16" OD). Home depot sells 10' lengths so I thought two feet would be a good length.


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    Nicely done!! I like the huge mitersaw turning into a metal chop saw!! Good idea.

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    You can even put a metal cutting blade on your Circular Saw and hold the pipe with your Ezy Smart

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    Great design Kent. Thanks for sharing it with us. I could definitely see adapting your design to my own needs. Where do I send the royalty check?
    Kent Cori

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