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Thread: Brad Nailers

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    Brad Nailers

    I have noticed, in the last few months, that several people were unhappy with their choice of brad nailers and had returned or sold them. I do not remember which nailers were not up to snuff. I am looking for one that will go up to at least 2", longer would be nice but not important. I have mostly used Senco with very good results but I may have just been lucky. The one I have now has been long since discontinued and the newer ones are lighter and have greater range. Would rather upgrade than repair.

    Cost is NOT my issue, quality is. What works for you?

    Thanks, Dar

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    hi I got a Senco 18g brad nailer in one of those two for one offerings that came with the 15g nailer. The 15g was ok but the 18g I just didn't like. I think I sold it for $50 and got a Omer 18g. That nailer is really nice. I've it a lot for trim work, casings. Light and with a very nice balance.
    I think it was $249 from Select Machinery in NY.
    take care,

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    Hi Dar

    This one has received the best reviews for 18 guage.
    Its about a $100 on amazon. In 16 guage I have no
    problem with my PC. I use these tools daily and not one of
    em lasts forever. The O rings go and when you don't have one
    on the job its cheaper to run out and buy another.
    My favorite (that is no longer avaiable) is the Accuset
    with a senco name on it. You may be able to get one
    on that auction site. If you don't plan on putting a 100,000
    brads through it, it should last a long time. Like I tell the guys
    they put that oil in the case for a reason.
    Hope this helps
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    The Porter Cable are really great.! Bn200a and the Bn125
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    I like my PC 16 Ga Finish and 18 Ga brad nailers. I have been using them solidly in my remodelling work and not one miss fire yet. I drop a few drops of oil in them prior to using them.

    Just curious if I am going to let them sit for a couple months without using them, what is the best way to prep them for several months of non use if you know that is going to be the case.


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    Im v happy w my PC brad nailer!

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    I will put in a good word for Hitachi nailers. My 15 gauge Hitachi is the nailer I go to every chance I can. I have quite a few. I tried a number of different 15 gauge nailers the Hitachi was the only gun I found that would consistently countersink in 5/4" Ert boards. I have several other Hitachi guns and they are all excellent: very powerful, durable and a pleasure to use.

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    Like John R, I did receive a "free" brad nailer as a bonus when I bought my Senco framing works, but it's nothing compared to my Accuset BN200. (also by Senco, but no longer marketed) I kept the cheap tool, but it's only a "convenience" gun for those occasional moments that having two guns loaded with different length fasterners is handy. In fairness to Senco, that gun is their bottom of the barrel "value" tool and was clearly never intended to be a top-notch product as compared to those that sell for a whole lot more.

    If I were buying today, I'd be comfortable picking Senco, PC, Hitachi, Bostich, etc. if I were comparing equivalent tools. The choice would likely come down to which felt best in MY hands...

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    I have no less than five PC nailers from a framing nailer to a pin nailer(brad nailers) inclued all get constant use, never failed in 9+yrs I've had them.There pricing is hard to beat.

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    This might help you out. Wood magazine just reviewed Brad Nailers. They performed the test in white oak and maple hardwoods. The reviewed the following nailers:

    Bostich BT200K-2 $95
    Cambell Hausfeld CHN10299 $50.
    Craftsman 18172 - $110.
    Dewalt DS1238K - $120.
    Grizzly G6047 $120
    Grizzly H5527 -$30.
    Hitachi NT50 AE - $90
    Makita AF 503 $110
    Paslode T200F18 $100
    Porter Cable BN200A $100.
    Ridgid R213BNA $130.
    Senco FP25XP $150

    They tested the nailers driving 2" brads into the hardwood mentioned above. At the maximum reccomended pressure, most of the nailers sunk the brad below the surface of wood with the exception of the Campbell Hausfelt which consistently left the nails a 1/2 proud of the wood. Some performed well at 15-20 PSI less than the recommended PSI ( Dewalt, PC, Ridgid, Senco) and at 30 PSI less than the reccomended, the PC and Dewalt still sunk the nail which should allow the item to be used at a lower PSI, thus it should last longer as well.
    Some did some things better some did other things better. The Dewalt and PC were on the top end in most categories, the Portercable got the Top Pick, probably cause it is priced cheaper than the Dewalt. The Grizzly H5527, a 30.00 nailer Got Top Value and was found to perform as well as most of the top performers. The only drawback was that it did not have a non mar tip and would dent the wood.
    Hope this helps.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Corey Hallagan
    ... Wood magazine just reviewed Brad Nailers. ... The Dewalt and PC were on the top end in most categories, the Portercable got the Top Pick, probably cause it is priced cheaper than the Dewalt. ...
    I found the review kinda interesting. A few years ago, Wood did a similar review and the Makita AF503 was a top performer. I bought based one on their recommendation and have been completely satisfied with it.
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    As noted WOOD magazine just completed a review, while I have many Senco nailers, I was suprised that PC was rated higher. I have two PC nailers as well and they are great, I think you would be happy with either one.

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    I own the Grizzly that got the award, only spent $30 and love it.

    I imagine there are better guns, but I only use it for rough work anyway.

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    Those prices look pretty low to me. My Hitachi is the NT65AA, 2 1/2'' which I believe would be in a higher price category. I would be surprised if anything in that price range would countersink a 2 1/2" brad in hard wood better. I hate having to reseat finishing nails. I found that the other guns would not seat long nails in composition woods or hard woods like I wanted. I returned a couple of guns before my man at Air Staples and Nails said "if you want something that will countersink in anything, this is your gun," IMHO he was right.

    I put thousands and thousands of nails in a large deck around a swimming pool in Ert boards with that gun, 7 years later not a single nail has even come into view in its nice deep little hole. Ert is a Cedar/plastic product that is very rubbery. I could not get screws to countersink in that wood without pre drilling very large, deep holes for the heads. This was an unusual task for a finishing nail gun but I think it demonstrates that guns ability to handle tough materials. It has not failed me in anything I have tried it on since.

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    Mike, isn't that a 15 gauge nailer? I haven't seen any 18 guage brads that long. Most people consider at 15 guage nailer a finish nailer and not in the brad category.

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