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Thread: gorilla glue vs epoxy-ca glue

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    gorilla glue vs epoxy-ca glue

    Anyone used Gorilla glue to glue the quarter in. hardened rod to the tool rest instead of ca or epoxy? Thinking of gluing the rod to my standard PM tool rest.Thanky, Max

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    If you are talking about their urethane glue that foams up when used, I would not use it or CA glue. The Gorilla glue really isn't that strong. In Wood magazine tests it really didn't fare that well. CA glue is much too brittle to glue a rod on a tool rest. The epoxy is the best or maybe JB weld.
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    I don't have the PM, but on mine, I filed a small groove (very soft metal) in it along it's length...set JB weld along the length and set the rod down into it and into the little groove. The groove helped to keep it aligned straight as well as created a little "ledge" for it to sit in as it took a beating. Has see lots of abuse and stayed strong and in place. JB weld is what I've always heard and read to use.

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    + one on the JB Weld.
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