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  • SS Owner: brake has never fired and no injuries

    49 10.02%
  • SS Owner: I've been injured

    5 1.02%
  • SS Owner: Brake fired accidentally

    37 7.57%
  • SS Owner: Brake fired and prevented an injury

    8 1.64%
  • Non SS Owner: I've been injured

    69 14.11%
  • Non SS Owner: no injuries

    336 68.71%
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Thread: SawStop vs Non SS Table saws poll....Accidents and accidental firings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Dragin View Post
    I have been injured but not from a blade and the SS would have been disabled for what I was doing anyway.
    You should vote anyway. There's a category that best fits you somewhere if you don't assume this only applies to blade injuries and brakes being disabled. There's a reason I left it at just "I've been injured" and didn't specify anything else.

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    I've had two kickback injuries from my 3 hp Uni...both my fault, neither one were blade (me getting cut) injuries.
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    Non-SS owner - no injuries. Paying attention to setups and stopping when I don't feel safe has kept me from being hurt when using my table saw or other power tools. My worst shop injuries have been from a razor knife when cutting veneer!
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    I just got kicked in the gut a few days ago from the router table. Small ouchy, but nothing serious. That, and at least one guitar out of the next batch will have the back painted black. LOL. It sort of emphasizes keeping your hands out of the line of fire. It could have drawn them right in had I not been awake.

    I suspect that a lot of us have little woopsies on power tools from time to time and get away with it because of habits that keep you reasonably safe even when things don't go perfectly.

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