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Thread: Cherry Brandy (AKA NE Bowl on a Stick) Thanx to John and Philip

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    Cherry Brandy (AKA NE Bowl on a Stick) Thanx to John and Philip

    A while back I received this sweet little cherry burl from Philip Labre. It had grown on a branch about 3" in diameter. It's been sitting on my bench ever since and I have been trying to see something in it. Finally, I saw this. The only way I could imagine using it was to include the center of the branch in the lower part of the bowl which carries some risk of cracking. But I figured it was going to be so rustic anyway that a few more cracks would not be an issue. So far it has not cracked.

    While I was turning the bowl, I was thinking about how to present it and decided on a pedestal. While I was thinking about what to make the pedestal out of, a small box arrived from John Keeton which contained, among other things, a nice 3" square billet of cherry. I immediately earmarked if for the pedestal.

    The "bowl" is 6" in diameter, somewhat larger than the "typical" elevated form. Thus the "bulked up" pedestal. It stands 12" tall.

    cherry_burl_1.jpg cherry_burl_2.jpg cherry_burl_3.jpg
    David DeCristoforo

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    I liked the bulked up pedestal. I think it is very proportional. excellent work.


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    Wow. That is impressive.
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    Very nice, David. When I grow up, I want to be able to turn sticks like you! The burl is undoubtedly sweet, but the pedestal is "perfect", if there is such a thing! Wait a minute, there has to be such a thing if we're all chasing after it. Thanks for sharing this gem with us David, very well done.

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    So very nice!!! Excellent combo, David, and not only is the pedestal perfectly done, but the form on the burl is just as nice! Glad I could contribute just a little to such a fine piece.

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    David i really like these type pieces, and as always your pieces are top shelf. Great job man.

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    Yep..........the pedestal is the star of the show on this one. even though the burl is real nice as did a fine job with the features on the pedestal and that made the whole thing work well...........nice goin' DD!
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    Beautiful! Even more with a scoop of vanilla bean

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    Pretty cool! The burl looks great, and I really like the color you got with the cherry… How did you get that color?

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    Nice combination, DD. I think the pedestal looks great with the form....
    Doug Swanson

    Where are John Keeton and Steve Schlumpf anyway?

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    "How did you get that color?"

    The cherry is dyed with "Cordavan" leather dye which is a deep reddish brown. The top and bottom of the pedestal are overlaid with black which fades out about halfway up the "onion" and again at the little beady thing" near the top.

    "...the form on the burl is...nice..."

    The "form" is very close to the original shape of the burl. All I did was "refine" it a bit...
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    David DeCristoforo

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    Excellent as usual. Love the color of the pedestal.

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    Nice work on all but I really like the pedestal both in design and substance. Great fit!

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    Very nice piece David! Great form on the bowl and a nice chunk of burl to boot. Thin and delicate or not, your pedestals are always right on, and this one is no exception.
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    Great piece David. Pedestal really fits the burl.

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