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Thread: LaserPro Spirit GX Replacement Rail/Bearing Pack.

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    LaserPro Spirit GX Replacement Rail/Bearing Pack.

    I need to purchase a new rail and bearing pack for my 130W Spirit GX. Our sales rep at ISS Sales quoted me $410. Does anyone know if contacting the company directly or any other company, possibly the actual manufacture of the rail and/or bearing pack, could offer better pricing?

    On a related note, the case they sent our lens to us in still had the lens manufactures information on it. I contacted them, and they said I could get a lens from them for roughly $130, rather then $300 that ISS Sales quoted. I was hoping to have a similar result with the rail/bearing pack.


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    I replaced my x rail not too long ago and paid about what you were quoted, add in next day air shipping and it was over $500. I could find the rail and the carriage but by the time I ordered it in, cut the rail to length and ensured that the carriage had the right size holes in the right places, it was better for me to just buy it from the mfg. It came in the next day and bolted right in, no problems at all. I was up and running within 20 minutes of opening the box it came in. Check with LaserproNA, that's where I got mine. Their website is


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