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Thread: A Sad Death

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Weber View Post
    I was going to recall a story to justify this but decided to just come out and say it. Sometimes, there is just too much testostrone around SWAT teams.
    Seriously. That is what you come away with after reading this thread?

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    Please folks, I never meant to imply that the SWAT team did anything other than what they thought best to do at the time. Friends and family just wish it could have been handled differently.

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    I am sad about this service man death, your earlier post about him laying his weapon down is what I were thinking about, we think that nobody got the problems that bothers us which is because we are unable to talk about it

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    Meanwhile, McCain is trying his best to start a whole new round of senseless cases of PTSD.....

    I have friends that did not do so well when they came back from Nam, sad to see and frusterating to know that there is nothing that you can do other than be there.


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    PTSD is often more deadly than the guns of the enemy. The military does far too little to re-acclimate troops that have been in combat situations. I saw it often in my unit. I remember being shot at one day and less than 96 hours later being released into the "wilds" of civilization. The very tip of the iceberg is the rage and often alcohol filled soldiers roaming local bars, just a powerder keg waiting for a spark. I hope the military is better now, but from what I see they are not.

    I mourn the death of this Marine and just thank goodness nobody else was an ultimate victim of his PTSD. We need to do more to prevent this senseless sort of tragedy, dying in the line of duty is horrible but dying later as a result of their performance of their duties is inexcusable. Even though I was a Soldier and not a Marine and harbor the inter-branch rivalry I have a lot of respect for this young man as I know what kind of cloth he must have been cut from. RIP Marine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert McGowen View Post
    Seriously. That is what you come away with after reading this thread?
    You said it first. By the time the black trucks rollup, it's already bad. It was REALLY bad around here, in the 1950's and 1960's when the Navy discharged thousands...

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    I still sit with my back to the wall facing the door. I've gotten past most of the issues that I brought home from Vietnam but I figured out a long time ago that some will be with me till the day I die. It's one of the prices combat charges for living through it I guess. As Dave said you can't describe it and I'm very glad most will never have to experience it. May Rooster rest in peace.
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    You are not alone. I have a family member who suffered and still suffers with PTSD from his experiences in Vietnam.......and he's had treatment......

    I served in the Vietnam era but by the grace of God, I never served there.

    Rest In Peace Rooster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert McGowen View Post
    Seriously. That is what you come away with after reading this thread?
    I think what he is trying to say is that the manner in which authorities respond to a situation, makes/can make a situation worse than it otherwise would be. How a situation is reacted too is very important to how it will end.

    Beyond that we weren't there, and it's difficult to say what the correct action should have been. It's easy to say after the fact what should have been done, when as it was happening it may have required split second descisions. With that said, I still would question whether there were non-lethal alternatives that could have been used. That answer however, will most likely never come.

    One thing for sure, this young man served his country in it's time of need, but his country didn't serve him in his. Sad.

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