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Thread: Almond Goblet? WIP

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    Almond Goblet? WIP

    The plan for tonight was to just grab a small piece of wood and do a "quickie". Instead, I grabbed one of the smaller pieces from the almond log, which was a little crotch piece about 8" long and about 5" wide, a little bigger than I planned but sleep is overrated.
    This one turned and hollowed just as nicely as the hf I did earlier.
    I went with Baxter's advice and planned a flare and then gave it a bulb to try and make the most of the grain and the contrast between heartwood and sapwood.
    It's about 5 1/2" x 4 1/2" and the outside has a coat of danish oil. The inside still needs to be sanded. It's got a small tenon on the bottom to add a pedestal and base (suggestions for pedestal, base and transition designs please!). Hopefully it will look better when finished with a pic from the photo tent.
    Thanks for looking!
    Comments and critiques are welcome.
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    Great contrast in colors, Kathy! IMO, the base needs to be fairly thick and short - perhaps 3.5" wide at the foot, and a couple inches tall.

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    A lot of potential with that one Kathy.............that can have a sense of sophistication and elegance with the right stem/pedestal.........good luck on your design!
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    Neat stuff, Kathy! I'm thinking that a nice smooth, simple curve in a darker wood would be a neat look... Sort of an Osolnik style.

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    I agree with John that a base short and thick would work. Really nice looking wood Kathy. Really nice contrast.

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    Looking forward to seeing this one finished! Has a great birds-mouth effect!

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    What a lively piece of wood! Kinda anxious to see it completed with a nice stem. Tall or short, thick or thin you have half a winner all ready!

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