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Thread: SuperNOVA2 worth the extra cost?

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    SuperNOVA2 worth the extra cost?

    Looking to buy a reconditioned chuck direct from Nova. Is the supernova2 worth the extra cost vs. the G3? Looks like a better chuck for $10.00 more.

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    According to the Teknatool website, the Nova G3 chuck designed for the Mini, Midi and smaller lathes with up to 14" diameter swing while the SUPERNOVA2 CHUCK
    is desinged for use on lathes with up to 20 swing. I have 2 SN2's and just recently purchased a reconditioned unit. It works just as well as the new one I purchased over 5 years ago.

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    I have several of each. The adjustment range is exactly the same for either chuck. They both also accept all the same jaw sets, although the big Power Jaw set is not recommended for the G3. I have installed the smaller jaw sets (20-35mm) on the G3s. I've found the standard 50mm set is used the most, with (in my case) the Power Jaws in #2 position. The 35 and 45 mm spigot sets come in handy if you have a return job where the tenon has to be made too small to fit the 50mm jaws.

    If you must choose between a SN2 or G3 because of budget issues, get the G3 with 50 mm jaws.

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    Is the supernova2 worth the extra cost
    Yeah without a dought!

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    I think the question depends on the intended use. I use the SuperNova2 with large jaws for large, heavy pieces. I have a G3 with small jaws that I use with smaller, lighter pieces. I hate to change jaws, so I have several chucks. I find the G3 great for making 1.5" x 2" birdhouse ornament bodies, I wouldn't use it for roughing out a wet 15" bowl blank. If I would only have one chuck I would have a SuperNova2.

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    Russ, I have both, and would easily recommend the SN2 for the difference. Were I buying new, and had the Delta 46-460 still, I probably would not go the difference in new retail cost for the SN2. However, given the likelihood you will end up with a bigger lathe - get the SN2!

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    Yes! the SN2 is the right way to go -- of course that is just my opinion and i am just an old man with set ways or some my wife tells me.
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    I have 2 each, although I don't think the price difference is only 10 bucks. I agree with all the others. If you have a midi/mini, the G3 is just fine. If you want to turn on a bigger lathe, get the SN2. OR both, and you can have standard G3 50 mm, and a 4 or 5" on the SN2. I do not like changing jaws either.

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    Just got my second SN2 today. It was a reconditioned one for $100. Cant go wrong at that, it works just as good as the new one I bought several years ago. Jared

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    I can't find where it say whats included with the reconditioned chucks. It tells that you need an adapter ($20), but theres no mention of included jaws.

    The recon G3 just isn't a deal. You can get a new one w/adapter and jaw set for $125, free shipping. The recon unit is $89.99 + $12.49 shipping, adapter +$20 and your in for $122.48 and that doesn't include tax or shipping on the adapter, and it's iffy if you get a set of jaws with it.

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    Kevin is right on getting the G3 as a reconditioned chuck - that was part of the reason for my post, but I should have clarified it the way Kevin has done. Thanks, Kevin, for clearing up that factor.

    I do think the jaws come with all the reconditioned chucks, but having not bought one, perhaps some of you could confirm.

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    I've bought 3 of the recon SN2's, all come with 2" jaws, jaw screws, allen wrenches, chuck key, woodworm screw, etc. I certainly don't think you'll be disappointed with the SN2 and I would recommend that over the G3 if given the choice and you could stand the slight price difference.

    FWIW, I can find absolutely no physical difference in the recon chucks vs a new one. Jaws, screws, etc., are all packaged exactly like the new ones and I have yet to see any type of use mark on either jaws or chuck. To me, it's a great deal.
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    +1 on the SN2
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    I have a G3 and an SN2 I have been using for 5 years. All this talk about the great deal on refurbs have almost convinced me I need another one since I have several sets of jaws. I hear a loud wind! Is it another tornado? No, it is just the vortex pulling!
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    I bought the SN2 and it does come with the 50mm jaws. The G3 does not.

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