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Thread: Planer Swap - I am thinking doing this might be advantageous.

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    Planer Swap - I am thinking doing this might be advantageous.

    I have a chance to swap my ridgid tp1300 13" planer for a like new 15" reliant dd37 planer with 2 spare sets of blade on a mobile base, with a 2 hp grizzly dust collector. Both pieces are about 14 years old. The gentleman wants a lunchbox planer because he does not have the room to keep the larger equipment. I know the LB planer is said to leave a better finish, but I like the idea of more capacity, plus with the amount of rough maple I plane, I spend ALOT of time thicknessing, because the Ridgid lacks the power to do much more than a 1/32 - 1\16 of an inch cut. Do any of you A. Have one of these reliants B. Happen to have a scanned manual for one? I know that sometimes reliant products get a bad rap, but I have seen it posted in various places that these are made in the same factory a some other popular brands, and it might be an affordable way for me to step it up, and get more capacity and save some time.
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    The Jet looks identical, except for the closed stand. This should help. After you hear how much quieter these stationary planers are, you'll never regret changing over.

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    I can't speak for the Reliant, but the Jet looks identical to my Bridgewood. I made a similar deal for my BW, traded a guy for my Dewalt lunchbox for the same reasons. It worked out great for the both of us.
    If you process a lot of rough sawn stock you won't regret it. I don't know about the Jet or Reliant, but mt BW screams like an air raid siren, no quieter than the Dewalt, but still a worthwile trade.
    Hope this helps,

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    Thanks, I think it is going to be a smart decision. I do have a 10" Yager/K2000 planer, which I am thinking about gearing down finish cuts on narrower pieces. Thanks for the link to the manual, I am going to tear it all the way down, and clean + lubricate it along with taking pics so I do not forget where things go/have a reference for others, and it will be helpful to match up parts.

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    I wouldn't do it, I have the Ridgid planer and it is a very nice little planer. I really don't think you need a larger one.....

    If you will give me the name and number of the guy that want to swap I can call him and tell him you don't want to do it.

    I also think this deserves a YOU SUCK !!!!

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    The castings are the same as many Asian planers so the main difference will be the motor and bearings. If it runs well you are golden. I would replace the bearings as 15 years is about their life even if unused. I like a little better precision than comes in todays machines but they are still cheap. Dave

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    Sounds like a good deal for all involved!
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