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    My gloat pics

    I picked up my Woodmaster 38 inch sander Friday but had to unload and head out for a weekend in the Smoky Mountains with my family. I'm just now getting a few pictures. As you can see it's filthy but in great shape. Velcro on the drum is tight and it runs smooth. The belt looks worn in the pic but it's just sawdust from me trying it out. Belt looks almost new. He also gave me a 150 foot roll of 80 grit. I still need to get it in place and get the DC hooked up. A little clean up and it will be up and running.


    As usual I found another machine calling my name! He also had a 20 inch planner that was too good to pass up. I had a little extra room on the trailer so I thought "What the hay?" The tables need a good scrub but a little PB Blaster and Scotch Brite they should look good. My bandsaw was way rougher and cleaned up great so this one should be gravy. I'm stepping up from a 13 inch lunchbox so this one is a beast to me. The sander weighs in at about 750 and the planner turned out to be well over that at 950. I didn't know that when we loaded my little trailer with a ton of machines. The forklift didn't even break a sweat! It was all me and my adult son could do to get them into the shop after getting them home. I plan on mobile bases as soon as I get some time. I bought them both for WAY less than the Woodmaster sells for used. I paid about 20% new price for each! It may or may not be gloatworthy but I'm a happy guy. I will try to add some "after" pics when I get them cleaned up.planner.jpg
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