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Thread: IPAD Kindle Engraving

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    IPAD Kindle Engraving

    Have a customer that wants a simple engraving on her IPAD & Kindle. Did a search and found some info on doing Kindles that looks easy. How about the IPAD? Is it metal or plastic? The videos I've seen it looks like aluminum. If metal, do you use Cermark or laser direct? Customer just wants a name/phone for ID purposes.

    Any assistance appreciated.

    Jeff in northern Wisconsin

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    I have lasered a few Ipads, they are anodized aluminum. There isn't much contrast when you laser clear anodized aluminum but all my customers have liked it. I haven't had much luck with Cermark and anodized, even using their compound especially for anodized. Use high speed and low power, it will turn out fine.

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