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Thread: Ridgid Laminate Trimmer

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    Ridgid Laminate Trimmer

    hey eveyone,

    Let me start off by saying this is a great forum, I've already learned so much in so little time. Well with that said I was wondering if anyone has a new opinions/reviews on the new Ridgid laminate trimmer. I've read the thread from 2-10-05 and I've also read the review at but I was just wonder if anyone here has any new info. I'm planning on adding a laminate trimmer to my arsenal but I'm stuck between the PC 7310 and the new ridgid R2400. Does anyone have any likes or dislikes regarding these models, more so for ridgid. Any recomendations? Has anyone perhaps had a chance to try both models?

    Thanks guys.

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    Rigid laminate trimmer


    I recently bought the new Rigid trimmer. I think it is a heck of a package for the money. I like the soft start, the variable speed (though I don't think I will use it much), the very long power cord and the attachments for it. In fact, the only negative I have for it is that the clear lucite bottom plate is not perfectly flat. I will probably put a piece of sandpaper on my granite plate and sand the thing flat but I think a better solution would be a phenolic bottom plate if something comes out on the after-market.

    I have had the little PC trimmer for several years and never really liked it. I especially disliked the way the base attached to the motor unit. I also never really found it comfortable to hold in use (as opposed to the new Rigid that is very nice in the hand).

    If Rigid would just replace the bottom plate with something absolutely flat, I think you would be hard pressed to find a better trimmer on the market at any price.

    Mark Blumer (East Lansing, MI)

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    There are several things I like about the Ridgid. Good ergonomics, great adjustments (especially compared to the PC), soft start. There are a couple of irritants though. The first and biggest one is that the top is not flat. I have grown used to turning my routers upside down on the bench to change bits and the sloping top prevents this. It also has a tendency to get hot when used for an extended period of time. Overall though, compared to others on the market I have used I would buy it again.

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    I like mine still. Definitely better than the Dewalt I bought and returned the following day or the Porter cable which suffered the same non-perpendicular base problem. The only problem I see with mine is that if I was going to use it with guide bushings, the hole in the base is slightly non-concentric. I've been meaning to email Pat Warner to see if he plans to come out with replacement bases like he has for other routers. I have one of his bases for my DW621 plunge router and find it very nice.

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    I still can't decide over the PC or the Ridgid. ON one hand the PC has lots of accessories, and come with the PC name but on the other hand the ridgid is a little more powerfull, has and ergonomic structure and comes with two edge guides. tough choice.

    If Anyone else has any more comments/opinions/reviews I'd love to read um. Thanks for the info so far.

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