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Thread: cottontail rabbit

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    cottontail rabbit

    Finished this not long ago. Carved from basswood to a depth of 1/4". The background is three different stains that were then glazed using artist oils to highlight certain areas. The leaves and tree were colored with watercolors and then highlighted with glazes in just a few places. The rabbit was finished with artist oils. Base colors were put in first and then multiple layers of glazes were applied to give depth.

    It was a long process but I was really trying to get a realistic woodlands scene. Hope you all enjoy it.

    Mark Strom

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    Really nice Mark. I have always been envious of the carver's skill to create.
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    I will say that you did a truly impressive job of carving. The detail is outstanding.


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    That's a killer bunny!

    Really some great work. Look in the are worthy of your gloat !

    Thanks for posting.

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    Very effective. Crop the photo and I could believe I'm seeing the real thing. Very nicely done.
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