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Thread: A little Pecan lidded box

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    A little Pecan lidded box

    Just playing around the other day and grabbed a small pecan log that had been sitting in my cutoff bid (it was what was left of the log after I cut a piece off for a ne goblet). It's about 3 3/4" x 2", the log had some cracks and knot holes but I thought what the heck and turned it anyway. Cleaned up the cracks with some sandpaper, then dyed it with some turquoise dye, sanded back a little and added a few coats of lacquer.
    Thanks for looking!
    Comments and critiques are welcome.
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    Thats pretty cool... Odd, when i see turnings with "turquoise filler" in voids it never sits "right" with me, but this being full coloured looks good, i like it.
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    Kathy, the dye really gave this one some character - makes the cracks appear part of the plan. Nice work!

    And, I am with Joe on the turquoise filler - rarely ever works for me.

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    That's pretty cool-looking as it is, but my preference on pecan would be the natural look by itself. Pecan is one of those stand-alone woods for it's color and character, but that's my opinion only. Nothing wrong with what you've got here.

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    I like it! Color can make a world of difference at times... this being one of those times! Nice work!

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    Cool color! I doubt I would have thought of choosing that, but it looks good and I am sure the box will get noticed!

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