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    List Of Acronyms

    Following is a list of woodworking acronyms. Please feel free to post/send me a PM with additions, modifications, comments, spelling, etc. Iíll update the list as I receive the comments. (Note: not all acronyms listed are strictly woodworking terms, rather used frequently in wood forums).

    If you canít find the acronym(s) here, try If you can't find it there or want to find new acronyms, try

    There have been 76 items added or modified since the last update (see items with an *). And I've changed the format so that multiple acronyms appear on separate lines instead of being separated by "also". (Note: this editor eliminates duplicate blanks so to keep things in alignment, I substituted underscores for those blanks, e.g., see AH).

    Regards, Joe


    * Added/Modified since last post

    6Ps - Piss Poor Planning Produces Pitiful Performance (also see PPPPPP)
    *7Ps - Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance (also see PPPPPPP)

    *NM* - No Message

    AAW - American Association of Woodturners
    * ABC - Anything But Craftsman
    * AD - Air Dried (something that has beed dried just by exposure to air)
    * AH - Absolute Humidity
    *____- Air Handler
    AMF - Adios My Friend
    AFAIK - As Far As I Know
    AGTH - Always Glad To Help
    AHJ - Authority Having Jurisdiction (aka, building inspector)
    ALC - Acrylic Latex Caulk
    ANI - Automatic Number Identification (as in caller ID)
    APB - All Points Bulletin
    ARU - Automatic Response Unit (as in push 1 for service, 2 for complaints, etc)
    ASAP - As Soon As Possible
    ASWR - ??? (could it be answer ?)
    ATAPCW - Adhering To A Politically Correct World
    AWW - American WoodWorkers Magazine

    B/C - BeCause
    * BANANA - Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything
    BB - Baltic Birch,
    ___- Best Buy
    * BDC - Bottom Dead Center
    BDFT - BoarD FeeT
    BF - Board Foot
    BFD - Big Flippin' Deal
    BFH - Big Friendly Hammer
    BP - Badger Pond - for-runner of SMC (Saw Mill Creek)
    BF - Board Feet
    BIL - Brother-In-Law
    * BISS - Because I Said So
    BJ - Biscuit Joiner
    BLO - Boiled Linseed Oil
    BLOG - weBLOG (web log) - online journal of web activity
    BOAT - Bring On Another Thousand
    BOHICA - Bend Over, Here It Comes Again
    BORG - Buying ORGanization, Home Depot, Loweís, etc
    _____- "A group of different races on the Star Trek Next Generation ....
    *____- Big Old (Orange) Retail Giant
    BOSS - Deltaís Bench Oscillating Spindle Sander
    BPA - Back Panel Assembly
    BRO - Best Reasonable Offer
    BS - Band Saw
    __ - Big Shot
    * BTDT - Been There, Done That
    BTW - By The Way
    BYOB - Bring Your Own Bottle
    BW - BridgeWood, manufacture of woodworking machines

    CA - CryanoAcrylate, basically super glue
    CC - Cube Centimeters (1 cc = .061 sq in)
    CCD - Charged Couple Device - chips used in Digital Cameras
    CDAOWTSIO - ???
    CE - Civil Engineer
    CEFGW - Close Enough For Government Work
    CFIC - Chief Flunky In Charge
    CH - Campbell Hausfield, manufacture of air compressors
    CM - CentiMeter (1 cm = .3937 in)
    *__- CraftsMan
    CMS - Compound Miter Saw
    CNC - Computer Numerical Control
    CNU - ???
    * CNY - Central New York
    * COTE - Curvature Of The Earth (what I forgot to take into consideration
    _______ when the cut came out wrong)
    CPSC - Consumer Preduct Safety Commission
    CPS - CentiPoiSe - measurement of flow (viscosity) as in glue, where 1 cps =
    ______water, 1000 cps = honey
    CRS - Can't Remember Stuff
    CS - Contractors (Cabinet, Circular) Saw
    CSMS - Compound Sliding Miter Saw
    CSR - Customer Service Representative
    CVG - Clear Vertical Grain
    CWD - Cool Web Design

    D4 - model number of leigh jig's 24" dovetail jig
    DAISAID - Do As I Said, Not As I Do
    DAMHIKT - Donít Ask Me How I Know This
    DC - Dust Collector
    DF - Douglas Fir
    DFW - Dallas/FortWorth area
    * DIB - ??? (something to do with diameter of tree log)
    DILLIGIFF - Do I Look Like I Give A Flyin' Flip
    DDC - Dinoís Dust Collector
    DIY - Do It Yourself
    DP - Drill Press
    dpi - Dots Per Inch
    * DKTM - Don't Kill The Messager
    DW - DeWalt, manufacture of power tools
    DWJFDI - Don't Wimp, Just Flippin' Do It

    E - Eurekazone, Saw Guide System Company
    * EADJ - Electrically Assisted Dovetail Joinery
    * EC - Entertainment Center
    * EMC - Equilibrium Moisture Content
    ETYWTKAABWATA - EveryThing You Wanted To Know About Acronyms But
    _________________Were Afraid To Ask
    EVSPK - model number of a Bosch Router
    * EWP - Eastern White Pine

    F - Festool, manufacture of woodworking tools
    FA - Festoolies Anonymous
    * FAIT - Fix It Again Tony
    * FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions
    FAS - First And Seconds (wood grading term)
    FAY - For All of You
    * FCLP - Field Carrier Landing Practice
    FHB - Find Home Builder
    FIADO - Forget It And Drive On
    FIGG - ???
    FIGMO - Forget It, Got My Marching Orders
    * FIOS - Fiber To The Perimeter (aka Fiber Optic Services)
    FL - Flat Lander (one that works with flat wood, see FW)
    FMLA - Family & Medical Leave Act
    FMT - leigh jigís Frame Mortise and Tenon Jig
    FOB - Free On Board
    FOG - Felder's Owners Group
    * FOR - For Obvious Reason(s)
    FP - Freedom Pen
    FPP - Freedom Pen Project
    FS - Feet Square
    ___- For Sale
    FT - FeeT
    FUBAR - Fouled Up But All Right
    FUBB - Fouled Up Beyond Belief
    FUBR - Foulded Up Beyond Repair (Reality, Reason, Recall, Recovery, Relief, Repair,
    ______Restitution, Running)
    FUGAZI - Fouled Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In
    FUMTU - Fouled Up More Than Usual
    FW - Flat Worker (one that works with flat wood, see FL)
    FWIW - For What Itís Worth
    FWW - Fine WoodWorking
    * FYI - For Your Information

    G1S - Good 1 Side
    * GB - GigaBytes (thousand megabytes, i.e., thousand million, 1,000,000,000)
    GC - Gift Certificate
    GCSS - Guided Circular Saw System
    GFCI - Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
    GFY - Good For You
    * GHR - ???
    GNW - Great NorthWest
    * GOB - Good Old Boy
    GOLD - as in Powermatic, manufacture of woodworking machines (not an acronym
    ______but ...)
    * GOOB - Good Oold Boy
    GRAY - as in Porter Cable, manufacture of woodworking tools (not an acronym _______but ...)
    GRR - ripper and mt splitter (by Micro Jig) (not an acronym but ...)
    GR - Guide Rail
    GREEN - as in Bridgewood, manufacture of woodworking machines (not an acronym
    _______but ...)
    GTH - Glad To Help
    GUMP - Graphical User Menu Pop-up

    * HAB - Have A Beer
    HCWG - Howard County Woodworking Guild
    HD - Home Depot,
    ___- Heavy Duty
    HDL - Honey Do List
    HDPE - High Density Polyethylene
    HEMI - HEMIspherically shaped combustion chambers
    HF - Harbor Freight, catalog store
    HFCD - Harbor Freight Dust Collector
    * HHAB - Here, Have A Beer
    Hitachi - manufacture of woodworking tools (not an acronym but ...)
    HM (Home Magazine, as in woodworking@HM)
    HO - Honest Opinion
    HOOGAFF - wHoo Gives A Flyin' Flip
    HOA - Home Owners Association
    HRO - Hampton Roads Online (where SawMill Creek lives)
    HTH - How The Heck,
    ___ - Hope This Helps,
    ___ - Happy To Help

    IGIT - ???
    IIRC - If I Recall Correctly
    IIRYC - If I Read You Correctly
    IJWFMOML - I Just Wasted Five Minutes Of My Life
    * ILO - In Leau Of
    IMBF - It Must Be Friday
    IME - In My Experience (Estimate)
    IMHO - In My Humble (Honest) Opinion
    IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble (Honest) Opinion
    IMO - In My Opinion,
    ___ - Initial Money Outlay
    IOW - In Other Words
    IR - Insoll-Rand, Pneumatics Products Company
    ISA - Industry Standard Architecture (PC software)
    ISC - I Stand Corrected
    ITURRA - manufacture of band saw equipment (not an acronym but ...)
    IVROCS - Integrated, Variable, Rotational, Overhead, Clamping System (w/ piece of

    J/P - Joiner/Planner
    JACS - Just Above Congressional Standard
    JD - John Deere, manufacture of farm equipment
    JFDI - Just Freaking Do It
    JFS - Just For Starters
    JMHAO - ???
    * JMO - Just My Opinion
    JOB - Just Over Broke

    * KB - KiloBytes - thousand bytes (bits) (thousand, in binary, is really 1024)
    KIA - Killed In Action
    * kilm - over of some type used for drying things, especially pottery and wood
    * kilm dried - wood that has been dried in a kilm
    KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid
    KMA - ???

    LB - Leaf Blower
    LFOD - Live Free Or Die
    LOA - List Of Acronyms
    LOL - Love Of Life,
    ___ - Laugh(ing) Out Loud
    LOHL - Love Of Her (His) Life
    LOML - Love Of My Life
    LOYL - Love Of Your Life
    LN - Lie-Nielsen,
    __ - Like New
    * LULU - Locally Unwanted Land Use
    LV - Lee Valley, catalog of fine hand tools
    Lyptus - (great) new wood from Brazil (not an acronym but ...)

    M&T - Mortise & Tenon
    M12V - a hitachi's router number
    *MB - MegaBytes - million bytes (bits)
    MC - Methlene Chloride (Paint Stripper),
    ___ - Moisture Contents
    MDF - Medium Density Fiberboard
    MEK - Methyl Ethyl Ketone melamite - a hard plastic used for laminated coatings (not an acronym but...)
    MFT - ???
    MIA - Missing In Action
    MIL - Mother-In-Law
    * MO - Mineral Oil
    MM - Mini Max, manufacture of woodworking machines,
    ___ - MilliMeter (25.4mm = in)
    MO - Modus Operandi (latin: mode of operation)
    MOG - Minimax Owners Guide
    MOL - More Or Less
    MSRP - Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
    * multi-function table (aka, Festool)

    NASA - Not Another Supid Accessory
    NEC - National Electrical Code
    * NEEBEE - see NEWBEE
    * NEWBEE - new to a particular item, i.e., career, forum, hobby, etc
    NFG - No Freaking Good
    NHLA - National Hardwood Lumber Association
    * NMP - Not My Problem
    * NOOB - None Of Our Business
    NSL - No Such Luck
    NTMS - ???
    NYW - New Yankee Workshop
    * NYWS - New Yankee WorkShop

    OBO - Or Best Offer
    OBS - Oriened Strand Board
    OEM - Original Equipment Manufacture
    OMG - Oh My Goodness (God, Gosh)
    OMS - Odorless Mineral Spirits
    OSHA - Occupational Safety & Health Adminstration
    OSRDCHS - Overhead, Supended, Rotational, Dust Collection Hose System (w/string)
    * OSS - Oscilating Spindle Sander
    * ____- On Site Service
    OTDDTR - Out The Door, Down The Road
    * OTH - ???
    OTOH - On The Other Hand
    OTR - Off The Record
    * OTS - Offer To Sell
    OTW - Off The Wall
    OWWM - Old WoodWorking Machines

    P/V - ???
    * PAD - Precision Adjustment Device (dead blow hammer)
    PB - Polish Brass
    PC - Personal Computer(s)
    __ - Porter Cable (manufacture of woodworking tools)
    PDO - Personnel Day(s) Off
    * PDQ - Pretty Damn Quick
    PFM - Pure Freaking Magic
    PM - PowerMatic, manufacture of woodworking machines,
    __ - Private Message
    PPPPPP - Piss Poor Planning Produces Pitiful Performance (also see 6Ps)
    * PPPPPPP - Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance (also see 7Ps)
    POC - Piece Of Cake,
    ___ - Pile Of Crap
    POLY - POLYurethane i.e., gorilla glue
    POND - badger POND, for-runner of SMC (Saw Mill Creek)
    POS - Parent(s) Over the Shoulder (chat room)
    POV - Point Of View
    PPI - Pixils Per Inch
    PS - Pocket Screws
    PSI - Pounds per Square Inch
    PSL - Plumb, Square & Level
    PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Network
    * PTL - Praise The Lord
    PTO - Power Take Off
    PVA - PollyVinyl Acetates, glue
    PVR - Personel Video Recorder (see TIVO)

    QED - latin for "Quod Erat Demonstratum" or "which was to be demonstrated" QS - Quarter Sawn
    QSRO - Quarter Sawn Red Oak
    QSWO - Quarter Sawn White Oak
    * QTRSWN - QuarTeR SaWN

    RAS - Radial Arm Saw
    RED - as in Milwaukee, manufacture of woodworking tools (not an acronym but ...)
    RBO - ???
    REA - ???
    REFURB - Refurbished (tool)
    RFB - Request For Bid
    RFI - Request For Information
    * RFQ - Request For Quote
    * RGH - RouGH (lumber)
    * RL - Random Length
    RICK - "pile of hay",
    _____- "pile of wood, stacked, ready for air drying" (not an acronym but ...)
    RO - Red Oak
    ROFL - Rolling On Floor Laughing
    ROFLOL - Rolling On Floor Laughing Out Loud
    ROS - Random Orbit Sander
    RR - Router Raizer
    RSE - Rip Single Edge
    RTFM - Read The Friendly Manual
    RTF - Rigid ThermoFoil (panel, laminate or veneer)
    RTFP - Read The Friendly Print
    RTFT - Read The Friendly Topic
    * RWRL - Random Width/Random Length

    S1S - Surfaced 1 Side
    S1E - Surfaced 1 Edge
    S2S - Surfaced 2 Sides
    S2E - Surfaced 2 Edges
    S1S1E - Surfaced 1 Side 1 Edge
    S1S2E - Surfaced 1 Side 2 Edges
    S2S1E - Surfaced 2 Sides 1 Edge
    S4S - Surfaced 4 Sides
    * SAFIMID - Stick A Fork In Me, Iím Done
    SAL - Siliconized Acrylic Latex
    SBC - Southwestern Bell Company
    SCMS - Sliding Compound Miter Saw
    SCVG - Straight Clear Vertical Grain
    SELECT - Select (wood grading term)
    SF - Square Feet
    SIGG - Sorry, I Gotta Go
    SIGMO - Screw It, i've Got My Orders
    SIL - Sister-In-Law,
    ___- Son-In-Law
    SK - Solar Kiln
    SLLYP - ???
    SLR - Single Len Reflex (camera)
    *__- Straight Line Rip
    SM - Service Measure
    SM&N - ???
    SMC - SawMillCreek,
    ____ - Saw Mill Creek
    SNAFU - Situation Normal, All Fouled Up
    SO - Significant Other
    * SOAP - Significant Other Assimilation Program
    SOS - Stuck On Stupid,
    ____- Same Old Stuff
    spam - unwanted sales solicitation via internet
    SPAM - registered trade mark of Homelí canned meat product
    SQRT - SQuare Root
    SRL - Single Lens Reflex (camera)
    SS - Scroll Saw,
    ___- Single Speed
    SSDD - Same Stuff, Different Day
    SSS - Satelite Saw System (Dino, YCFís System)
    STFU - Shut The Freak Up
    * STS - Sad To Say
    SUSFU - Situation Unchanged, Still Fouled Up
    * SWHTM - She Who Has The Money
    SWIWTP - She Who I Want To Please
    SWMBO - She Who Must Be Obeyed
    * SYL - See You Later
    SYP - Southern Yellow Pine

    * T/L - Truck Load
    * T/Ls - Tractor Loads
    TAIGFN - Thatís All I Got For Now
    * TANSTAAFL - There Airn't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
    TARFU - Things Are Really Fouled Up
    TAT - Turn-a-Thon
    *___ - This And That
    * TBA - To Be Announced
    TC - Technologically Challenged
    ___- Triple Cities (minn/st paul, mn)
    * TDC - Top Dead Center
    TDY - Tour of DuTy,
    ____- TempOry Duty
    TEGO - The Eyes Glaze Over
    TIA - Thanks In Advance
    * TIR - Total Indicated Runout (reading)
    TIVO - A brand of personal video recorder (see PVR)
    TLA - Telephone Network Adapter
    TMI - Too Much Information
    TOH - This Old House
    * TMOA - The Mall Of America (i.e., shopping mall)
    TOS - Term Of Service
    *___- Time Of Sale
    TPI - Teeth Per Inch
    TS - Table Saw
    TSC - Tractor Supply Company
    TTFN - Ta Ta for Now

    UHMWP - Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene
    URAC - yoU aRe A Champ (Chump)
    URL - Uniform Resource Locator

    VCT - Vinyl Composite Tile
    VS - Variable Speed

    WC - WoodCentral, a wood forum
    WGAF - Who Gives A Flip
    WOFTAM - Waste Of Freaking Time And Money
    * WTF - What The Freak
    WTH - What The Heck (Hell)
    WN - WoodNet, a wood forum
    WO - White Oak
    * WRC - Western Red Cedar
    WRT - With Regards To
    WTB - Want (Wanted, Wanting) To Buy
    * WTF - What (Where, Who, Why) The Freak
    * WTF- Wood turners finish by General Finishes.
    WTH - What The Heck,
    ____- "What This ? Help"
    WVTR - ???
    WWíing - WoodWorkING
    WWFW - WoodWorking For Women
    * WYE - ???
    WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get

    YADA - Yet Another Dangling Acronym
    YCF - Your Carpenter Friend (Dino)
    YELLOW - as in DeWalt, manufacture of power tools (not an acronyms but ...)
    YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary
    YOYO - Youíre On Your Own

    ZCI - Zero Clearance Insert
    * ZTI - Zero Tolerance for Intolerance
    Last edited by John K Jordan; 11-06-2017 at 12:55 PM. Reason: added WTF, Wood Turners Finish, by request
    Two weeks, your project will be done in two weeks!!! (From the Money Pit)

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    To All,

    I just updated the list --- I think I have 24 hours to "edit" this post until it locks out additional edits. So I'll try to get at least one more in before time runs out.

    BTW, I made up two new acronym --- 1) DSTM - Don't Shoot The Messager and 2) FOR - For Obvious Reason(s).

    I post this list on other forums so its kind of hard to keep an even balance between language, what is appropriate, etc. All suggestion will be appreciated but please keep them on the positive side as the negative ones can't really be incorporated into the list. And remember, DSTM.

    That said, I've corrected some typo errors added 14 new acronyms since last night, most of them the result of feedback from forum members. They are:

    BISS, "Big Shot", DSTM, FOR, FYI, GOB, GOOB, HAB, HHAB, ILO, SLR, TANSTALLFL, "This And That" and ZTI

    Regards, Joe

    Your project, two weeks, your project will be ready in two weeks --- for the "Money Pit"

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    Two weeks, your project will be done in two weeks!!! (From the Money Pit)

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    DA / DNA = Denatured Alcohol / DeNatured Alcohol

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    DIB = diameter inside bark. This is useful for determining the size of the scaling cylinder of a log, measured at the small end of a log.

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    DPO- dumb previous owner

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    Please use these with caution as some have other definitions that are not tolerated on SMC and they will be deleted.

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    I realize this is an old thread, but at risk of being LTTP (Late To The Party), I'd interject these:

    In furniture and cabinetry industry, these are used for accurate part locations very regularly:

    LSF = Left Side, Facing
    RSF = Right Side, Facing

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    Most of what is listed are initialisms - an abbreviation consisting of initial letters pronounced separately (e.g., CPU, FBI, WYSIWYG, etc)
    An achronym is an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word (e.g. ASCII, NASA, POTUS, SNAFU, etc)

    Just sayin’.

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    Blog Entries
    WYSIWYG Wisywig

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    Blog Entries
    FBI Febs (long E) or Feds

    CPU Cuppa Cupu (or cupoo if it went caput).

    But yes Scott, it could have been named Acronyms, Abbreviations & Initializations.

    Kind of late now as this thread is going on 17 years now.

    "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."
    - Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

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    . Scott, I posted that point here once. Thanks for your efforts to stop ďacridnyms ď , I coined that because when I see lists of nuttiness my
    eyes burn.

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