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Thread: Christmas Break; Built a router table

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    Christmas Break; Built a router table

    I had a fun Christmas break building a router table.

    I bought the Bench Dog cast iron top and built the table with aluminum extrusion I had from a scrapped commercial tool. My Christmas gift from my wife was the router lifter.

    2012-01-06 06 45 39.jpg

    2012-01-06 06.46.51.jpg

    Dust collection is out of the back. I have the router tied into my automated dust collection, so it turns on and off by itself.

    The task light on top is also automated. Turns on with the router and I have a delay for the off. Not that I am too lazy to turn a light on, but is was free, and 24VDC. Since my logic controller and gates run on 24VDC, I just ran a wire back to the control panel and wired into the controller.

    2012-01-06 06.46.03.jpg

    Router bits are stored on the side door.
    2012-01-06 06 45 37.jpg

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    Great looking table ! The design is really nice. I wish I had put double door on mine.

    Very, very nice !

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    That's a beauty. Great re-use of materials.
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