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Thread: Project ideas for eastern red cedar?

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    Project ideas for eastern red cedar?

    After perusing Craigslist in my search for wood bargains, it finally hit me that the best deals in my area is eastern, since it's plentiful within a 300 mile radius of my home and nice, air-dried boards are often found locally for less than $1 pbf.

    Aside from the obvious cedar chests and outdoor furniture, what are some other good projects for ERC?


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    I love cedar, armiors are nice, I have a laser engraving business and make a lot of memorial crosses out of cedar. I make a lot of small novelty signs, but I also like the normal indoor furniture out of cedar (end tables etc.) Cedar is a beautiful wood finished or unfinished. Use your imagination and I am sure you can come up with some very nice ideas.

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    Wagons, planter boxes, bird houses, mail boxes, gardening bench, benches, adirondack chairs, rocking chairs, other chairs, pool side tables, ice chest enclosure, outside cupboard, dog house, hanging /swinging bench, picnic table, ....

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