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Thread: High speed power carver question

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    High speed power carver question

    I'm interested in a high speed power carver, a 400k RPM type like the NSK Presto. I found an add for the Power Carver that seemed impressive too.
    I though I would see if any of you guys would like to comment on your impressions of these or any other. I just want it for hobby use for embellishments. I have several slower pieces but they are a little clunky for small detail work.
    I migh also be interested in a used unit.

    Thanks in advance

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    I have used a type of small power carver like that before and they are delicate...can't take much abuse at all. Check this forum and do a search for power carving or the brand name...I know it has been spoken of before. I remember a few discussions on these tools and I know there are quite a few people using on that forum.
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    I'm not a fan of the super high speed pieces ( I've used them) but I do have both the NSK and the Ram. The NSK I've had for nearly 20 yrs now and beat the he** out of it. Amazing piece. Both spin at around 40-50 K. I couldn't be without either for different reasons. Granted , the NSK isn't cheap,, but the Ram is reasonable for what you get, though not on a Dremel scale. Dremels,, just forget them.
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    I got into the power carving for really cheap. I got a little Dremel 400 with the extension and handpiece for $20 off Craigslist. I don't expect it to last all that long, but I'm not using it every day or even every weekend.....

    I do appreciate a good bullet proof tool though, and so I'll keep the NSK in mind for when I upgrade or have to replace the Dremel.
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    For power carving I have a "Mastercarver" and it will spin a sanding drum or you can attach to a Mini Jackhammer tool with gouges that I much prefer for carving.
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