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Thread: Is it wet or dry?

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    Is it wet or dry?

    this is question that apparently varies considerablly with where you located. i got some 5/4 oak kiln dryed with a ebac system. some was stored inside after drying and some outside and coverd. first board threw a planer was smooth as silk, the rest came out less than that, asked on here what i had done wrong first time with this planer. NOT the first time i have planned lumber. the surface appeared as though you had laid a wet sponge on it to raise grain for final sanding. you WILL get slivers from this going against the grain and possible with the grain. i have had 2 mc test done on this, as has been suggested by those of you who are more experienced. the inner mc has been in the range of 10 to 12% the grain appears to be quit straight for the most part. got a opinion from a local cabinet maker in my locale (MI), and he said that the moisture was to high and that using it for panels would be hazardous with out drying further. so my question is the wood i now have is planned down to 7/8" has been stacked in the shop at 60+ degrees for the last few days while i have tried to get my ducks in row after the fact! do i get in touch with the supplier or do i stack it up and wait to use it another day. i have ordered additional lumber from another supplier to replace this that i now have. it is dried to 6-7%. will the 7/8' planned lumberr dry out further or does it need to go back the kiln? help and thanks for the advice
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    Larry. Looking at the pictures you sent me, I wouldn't use the lumber. And also your local cabinet man advised against using it.
    Better use the other lumber you have ordered, just to be SAFE.
    Beings you have already surfaced the lumber, you may not be able to take it back, but I would at least call the guy to find out.
    If He won't take it back, just sticker it in the shop for a few months and then recheck the moisture content.

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    Larry, I agree with Steve. Just sticker it and stack in the shop. Because of the MC in the wood I would also put some weight on top to help it stay flat. It might take a few months, but I would think that it would be usable at some later date.
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    glad to hear that you got to the bottom of the problem. That was what came to mind when I responded to the first post you sent. BTW I have to congratulate steve with the very impressive 1000000 bd ft award he has for sawing on his WM. I am sure steve has seen it all, and he looks like a very good resource here @ the creek

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    Do the oven dry mc test. you will need a scale that reads to .1 gm
    the procedure is in the dry kiln operators man.
    This is the most accurate mc. test. Be sure to use many samples.
    I sawmill/kiln dry my own lumber, if a customer get's a wet board (which hasn't happened yet, but it's certainly possible) I would gladly refund/replace+ the wood.

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