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Thread: Belt Sander 1" x 42" Belt Sander

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    Belt Sander 1" x 42" Belt Sander

    I have been looking for a 1" wide belt sander. I kind of like the Grizzly which has a 1" x 42" belt and a 8" disc with a 1/3 hp motor.

    Has anyone had any experience with this or can recommend a similar one?

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    I have an older Grizzly belt/disc sander of that style if it's the 3 wheel style. I took off the 8" disc as I have no need for it.

    I use mine for a variety of metal working tasks - most for deburring of cut or rough edges. I took the belt's backing platen and table off mine as well as I like using just the flexible belt. Mine tracks pretty well considering how I use it.

    I also have a larger 2" x 48 belt grinder for heavier stuff, so the 1" usually has a 150-220 belt on it for the fine deburring.


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    Just toss this out to you.

    I own and use the Shopsmith 42" strip sander. It is a great little sander. $269, If you do not own a Mark V you will have to mount it on a power stand. Another $336. Yep, That's what it cost for American made.
    I know it's way more than what you want to spend. I just mention this because they show up on the used market cheap. So if you see one, take a closer look.

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    I use the Viel offered through Lee Valley. I use it more as a grinder than a sander.
    Sander Grinder.JPG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Frank View Post
    I have been looking for a 1" wide belt sander. I kind of like the Grizzly which has a 1" x 42" belt and a 8" disc with a 1/3 hp motor.

    Has anyone had any experience with this or can recommend a similar one?
    I've had a Delta model for about 20 years. It's been a great tool. I have a 4" edge sander so I rarely use the disc sander. This is a fairly simple tool and I would imagine that the Grizzly will serve you well.

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    Enco has a Jet on sale at the moment for $429 with free shipping.

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    If you don't need the disc sander HF has a 1"x30". It gets good reviews. I am thinking of getting one myself.It's on sale and with a 20% makes it about $34.

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    Is the Grizzly 1" X 42" Belt/ 8" Disc that you have a G1013?
    I need the
    1.) 8" Aluminum Disc (mounts to the 5/8" motor shaft)
    2 ) Disc Table &
    3 ) Miter Guage
    If they fit my G1013 machine?

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    Gary, Welcome, but the last post in that thread was almost eight years ago.

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    I recently bought the G1013 when it was on sale. It was perhaps the worst tool buying decision I have ever made. Both the design and the build quality are terrible.

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    1x42 Viel with variable speed motor and smaller drive pulley

    I have an MSC 1x30" (three wheel) belt sander and a Viel 1x42" belt grinder. I've modified the Viel with a variable speed motor and a smaller drive pulley, both to reduce the belt speed, largely to deal with controlling heat during sharpening knives. I have used the 1x30 for years, primarily for metal working. I am finding the Viel extremely useful for woodworking and metalworking as well as sharpening.

    I just posted a reply on this forum, in a thread about the guys abandoning the Tormek sharpening system for the Work Sharp, but my post was about methods to speed up roughing when using a Tormek sharpening system. The post contains a bit about my conversion of the Viel, but much more information is available on the Tormek user forum (you have to be logged in as a member to view the photos) and the Viel Facebook group.

    I am liking the Viel a lot. One of the things I like about it is how much belt is open and available for working. I am considering modifying it further to put on switchable passive pulley diameters for working different inside radii, in metal, similar to what is on the Radius Master. I have a spindle sander for wood.

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