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Thread: Lee Valley Low-Angle Block Plane Review

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    Lee Valley Low-Angle Block Plane Review

    I normally buy Lie-Nielsen planes but several months ago, I decided to buy the Low-Angle Block Plane from Lee Valley instead. Price was a factor but I was more interested in how well it performed. Whenever I stray away from Lie-Nielsen, I usually end up with a plane that gathers dust.
    But I was pleasantly surprised.
    The sole was flat (flat enough for me at least!)
    The back of the blade was flat as well, I just needed about 15 minutes on my diamond and ceramic stones to get a nice mirror polish. It took maybe a total of 20 minutes to get the plane adjusted and ready to use.
    I was very surprised at how well it worked. My goto plane prior to this was my LN Rabbet Block Plane. I used that plane pretty much everyday I went into the shop. But for the last several months, this plane became my goto plane.
    The plane is very easy to adjust. I was surprised at how useful the side screws are. It saves me a couple extra seconds each time I take the blade out. I used to dread taking the blade out to touch up the edge but now I don't mind it so much. Its' funny how that conditioned me to becoming annoyed at the extra seconds it took to setup other planes.
    Anyway, the plane is pretty flawless and has worked really well for me so far. It looks like I may be trying out more of the tools from Lee Valley.

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    Funny, I have 4 Lee Valley planes but just ordered my first Lie Nielsen..

    My first plane was a Lee Valley Low angle block .. Still the one I use the most.

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    Great to hear. I have decided the LV LA Jack will be my first major hand plane purchase, I don't think I've read a bad review yet, and I have read many. Hopefully sometime in the next couple weeks, I can't wait. Can anyone say if LV ever has sales on their planes, Black Friday specials, free shipping or any sort of promotions? I'm interested in several other items from them as well.

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    They run free shipping a few times a year (3-4 times). The LABP DOES get great reviews but be advised that for some people (meaning me) it's a little large for extended duration one-handed use. Both LN and LV sell non-adjustable BP's that are smaller for this reason. Whatever floats yr boat!

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    my first plane was a lie-nielsen LABP, and all subsequent have been LV. I have the LV LA Jack and smoother and have been very happy with both.
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    I'm going to their Plane Event tomorrow. It's an "in-store" event though. The more you spend, the more you save!

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