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Thread: Advice on potential table saw buy -- Delta Model 10

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    Advice on potential table saw buy -- Delta Model 10

    About six months ago I hastily bought a saw on Craigslist because I just *had* to have it for that job I was doing *today*. I wish I'd learn. I've never ever been happy with purchase made for a task when I needed it *now*. Tools where I'v researched several weeks and read lots of reviews, visited shops... I've always loved what I ended up with. You can guess where this is going...

    I found a Delta/Rockwell 34-335 on Craigslist for $50 that day. It was a gamble as the tilt was locked up, but got it home and took the whole thing apart, cleaned it, and it worked! Now that I'm getting into woodworking more, it has been nothing but frustration.

    - Not easy to adjust blade to miter slot. (So not easy that I've never re-crawled under there to fix it)
    - Tilt toward the fence
    - Fence is absolutely horrible (I measure from the front and back of the blade every single time with a 1/64" ruler)
    - Motor is under the table and very inaccessible
    - Motor seems to bog and I wonder about it's health
    - Lack of parts (seems like it just wasn't a popular saw and so lots of things are no longer available on ereplacements even)

    It's just very frustrating to be limited by your tools. In any case, it got me started, but I'm thinking about upgrading and found a Model 10 on Craigslist for $280 ( Is this a fair price? I found another post ( where it sounded like $150 was a great deal. Trying to find out if $280 is as well.

    What questions should I ask? Is the "Model 10" the equivalent of a model number or will it have a 3x-xxx Delta number as well (just wondering if the "type" of Model 10 could matter). Is there anything you would look for? Is this model a good one for a hobbyist like myself? I'm thinking yes... the fence alone is worth it to me if it's accurate and adjustable (My saw is here: The finger bolt and knob control the back/front lock of the fence onto the metal pipes Never stays straight and the measurement increments have no relation to how far from the blade you are on my saw).

    I'd love to know your thoughts!

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    I own a delta contractor saw...and its a decent saw for the hobbyist...but i would probably pass on that one for $280..i could not find any info on the one you have now, so its tough to know what it is you are looking for, but if it was selling for $50 i would gusss its a small jobsite table saw. My some more money and keep looking...i think you can do better.

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    John - I don't know much about the "Model 10", but it's a little rusty, has an older style jet lock fence, and steel a nutshell I wouldn't pay $280 for used contractor saw in that condition with those features. I'd be inclined to offer less than $200, but others may have more insights and different opinions on what's reasonable for it. Good luck!
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    I wouldn't pay over $50 for an older contractor saw. Period. Keep shopping. You will find an equivalent machine in this range.

    You can usually get a contractor saw setup to make fairly accurate, repeatable rips and crosscuts.

    Trying to get accurate bevel cuts is another matter. It is simply one of the drawbacks of the contractor saw design.
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    I agree that $280 is too much for a contractor saw with a jetlock fence and steel wings. It is definitely a step up from the direct drive saw you have though. Many people find the jetlock fences servicable. I had a newer Delta contractor saw with CI wings and a T2 fence and it was a great saw. I think the Model 10 is a solid saw just overpriced given the fence and wings.

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    Thanks Scott and Tim.

    Tim: Mine isn't a job site saw, it's got a base and is belt driven, but the motor is mounted under the table and the arbor and motor tilt together in one assembly. Cast top, heavy aluminum wings. Here's some pictures from vintagemachinery:

    I guess I don't really know what I want. I just would like a saw that is true and "trueable." Mine has a goofy tilt system and with it apart I thought the arbor bearings were loose as when I grabbed the arbor, I could wiggle it. I ended up finding that it was actually the tilting mechanism that wasn't tight even thought it was locked down. The back side rides in these semi-circular slots and the back foot was wiggling. I machined an aluminum clamp to tighten the backside down. But that means I can't tilt (not that I use it that often anyway).

    I've read other posts with advice about adjusting blade-to-miter adjustments and it sounds like contractor types have a lot more flexibility with this via the trunnion bolts. I don't think mine even has trunnion bolts. I have to loosen the whole motor housing/tilt/raising-and-lowering assembly and whack it with a dead blow until it's square with the table. But you can't hardly even get to those bolts without taking the table off the base! It was really, really hard the last time. Not a good design, in my opinion.

    I searched around a bit more... any thoughts on these?

    - Grizzly G1022 (no pics, and seems overpriced from my looking into other people who have bought these

    - 34-444 for $290:

    - 62-042 for $200:

    - Model 10 for $350 (50" fence/table extension):

    Thanks for any feedback. I'm probably confined to the $300-ish mark, so I'm looking at all older/used. Surface rust doesn't bother me at all, nor does putting some work into something to get it up to shape. I just don't even think my saw has the "bones" to sustain a rebuild and come out meeting my standards. I'm trying to look at saws that even if not in great shape have the underlying "bones" to allow for getting them in perfect working (not appearance) order. Hopefully that makes some sense.

    This also means I'm looking at obscure Delta/Rockwell numbers and so it's fantastic to have a site like this were others may have run across them.

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    - Grizzly G1022 (no pics, and seems overpriced from my looking into other people who have bought these - No used contractor is worth $400. I am not so familiar with old Grizzly numbers but the fence is probably a jetlock style or worse.-

    - 34-444 for $290: - Same jetlock fence and steel wings as the model 10 you were looking at

    - 62-042 for $200: - Same jetlock fence and steel wings as the model 10 you were looking at

    - Model 10 for $350 (50" fence/table extension): Only saving grace is the Unifence, which I don't like but a lot of people love. It still has one steel wing. I wouldn't give more than $200-250 if I really was desperate for it.

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    @Cary: can you specify what's wrong with the Jetlock fence? And by "steel wing" you're talking about (what looks like to me) that kind of bent sheet metal type of wing?

    As an alternative, what example models would be worth $2-300 and suit my needs? If the Jetlock is square-able and accurate... that's good enough for me, though maybe that's what's not good about it. I'd also be open to looking at other brands; for now I've been sticking with Delta since the things I've heard about other brands seem very model-dependent and touchy (Craftsman, for example). Ridgid and Grizzly seem to be an exception, as it seems a lot of people have favorable opinions about them. I could be wrong, though. Maybe it all comes down to the model after all.

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    Break the saw down into individual prices.What I see is maybe a 1 1/2hp motor 150.00 plus,vintage fence and rails 100.00,base on the cheap side 50.00,cast iron top 50.00 so maybe 280.00 is right at where it would be if I was selling it and If its a plug and play.And for 50.00 on the other saw,dang thats cheap.Break it down and sell the pieces.If I were you and if money is an object, then I would wait till I see a good used Unisaw saw in your area and have at lease 500 in my pocket.Over the last couple of yrs I have purchase two unisaws for 200 ea. which did need some work.Be patience,wait,keep an eye open and there better be pics----Carroll

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    Some other options?

    - Craftsman:

    - Another Craftsman (looks really similar to the above, but just older):

    - Yet another Craftsman:

    - Ridgid:

    All of the above have cast wings, but I don't know anything about their fences.

    - Newer Delta:

    If asking for opinions on all these links is considered frowned upon, I can stop. I guess I'm just not sure who else to ask about this stuff and want to make my next investment a good one! I really appreciate the input from everyone.

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    Thanks for the input, Carroll. Maybe I should have listed more information... this will be in my garage and I won't have a dedicated shop, nor do I expect to do really big stuff. I'm not familiar with unisaw vs. contractor, etc. I probably don't have the space to have anything with an extension table unless it's collapsable. I built a mobile base for the saw I do have so I can get it out of the way. My "shop" is basically one half of a two car garage, but that's shared with storage for everything else, too (bikes, extra shingles, gardening stuff, etc.). So... no indoor huge area for me.

    Part of this is knowing the models or at least what I should be looking for so that if and when a deal does come up, I know enough to be able to move on it quickly. Right now I wouldn't feel comfortable without input from a site like this, and by then... it might be sold to someone who knew enough to know the good deal.


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    maybe the ridgid would be one saw i might consider out of all the saws listed, but at $250, and not $350.

    It seems like you have a TON of used saws in your go slow and i bet you find one that works.

    maybe that delta with the 50" unifence too, if you need 50" and have room for it...most don't have either.

    Cary: i would wager that my delta is worth $400 with its 40in commercial biesi fence and table.

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    Good to know. I might just go look at it and see.

    One question that's still remaining -- can someone list some typical things I should be checking for? My list has been generated due to what I don't like about my own saw:

    - fence adjustability, rigidity, reliability, and gauge that actually reads the correct distance
    - how the arbor assembly is adjusted to true to the miter slot
    - accessibility of innards in order to keep clean
    - tilt away from fence (though maybe not a make or break)
    - arbor bearing state (my saw whines and sounds like crap when it spins down)
    - boginess (my motor slows audibly when cutting almost anything)

    What else? And how would you check (for example, if you thing the health of the motor is essential, how do you check?).

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    Here's a Jet that's somewhat close by:

    By the wings... is this an "entry" model Jet and to be kept away from? I have kind of a "halo perception" of Jet as being one of the top saw manufacturers. Is that misplaced and based entirely on which model we're talking about?

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    I own more than one Model 10. The stamped steel wings aren't any problem. My shop saw (model 10) has stamped steel wing on left and cast iron on right. One day I will replace left wing with a router table. The "Jet Loc " fence is a grown up version of the fence you already have, with same problems. The Model 10 with 52' Unifence for $350 is a much better deal. The fence alone cost more than that. You won't have to go to extra expense of replacing fence on saw with this deal. A T-2 Delta fence 30" (home version of Biesemeyer) will run you at least $200 by it's self. The original Model 10 (last made in either 1984 0r 1988) shown is in a commercial setting, which most likely means it worn out and will need some replacement parts, many of which Delta no longer stocks. I paid $75 for the last model10 i bought. Same saw, but in much rougher condition. Cleaned up nicely, and added shop made Biese clone. We break it down and take to job sites for installs.
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