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Thread: Power graver handpiece

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    Power graver handpiece

    Are there any Power graver handpieces that I can use with my Wecheer flex shaft carver? I know Fordom makes a complete power graver system that uses one of their motors, but would prefer to just add a handpiece to my existing setup to engrave metal.

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    Hi Eric,
    Does a Wecheer have enough RPMs to do what you want? I don't know anything about engraving but I always assumed that higher RPMs were desirable for that. My Foredom flex shaft unit only does 18,000. I know that some of the flex shaft units run higher but not by much. Depending on how hard you need to bear down on your work, a micro motor unit might be more appropriate for your needs. Unfortunately, a cheap one is about $300. But for that $ you can get a unit that will run 50,000 RPMs. The freedom of movement you have with them is much better than being attached to a flex shaft also. The downside is that the motor is in the handpiece, itself. It's a delicate piece of precision machinery and won't take a lot of bearing down hard enough to make the motor whine..... Still, when you let the RPMs do the work, it's a wonderful tool.

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