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Thread: UV Flatbed printers

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    UV Flatbed printers

    Hopefully somebody out there has some knowledge of these.

    I want to print designs using various translucent colors on clear acrylic. The remainder
    of the area will be non-translucent Black. The area behind the design will then
    be backlit allowing the non-Black areas to "lightup".

    Are UV Printers a good choice for doing this?

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    I am dreaming of having a flatbed printer someday.... I would ask for samples from the various sales reps... I have some samples on the way and I am sending some material like Glow in the Dark to them to print.

    Mild Solvent Pigment Inks might fit your need... They are not UV Cure but another approach. I was looking at Direct Jet 2-17 but no white.... Others they sell have white. The other dream machine is the UJF-3042 UV Cure.

    Good Luck,

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    I worked in the trade show graphics industry for years. We used to print to transparent film and laminate to plex.
    These were photographic prints (am I showing my age? ;-) The blacks weren't a deep black so you didn't want to
    hit it with too much back light. Also we laminated a frosted sheet to the back (or laminated to a milk plex). Some
    materials we bought already had a "frosted coating" (it was called Dura Trans).

    So it you want to play around and make some testing pieces to see if you thoughts work there are a couple things to do.

    Check these guys out adhesive transparency clear film media.html

    They have an amazing selection of materials.

    But this will give you chance to see it.

    Check this out to,

    There are a handful of manufactures for this type of machine.

    Check with Rodne Gold as I believe he purchased something similar in China.
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