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Thread: Found an awesome resource for Corel tutorials...

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    Found an awesome resource for Corel tutorials...

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    Hey Nick, that looks pretty cool. I bookmarked it. Thanks for posting it. (also other programs..Photoshop for one..go to the drop down at the top of the page)
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    Very nice I like the free part of it the best. Also if you want a great E-book on Corel This is packed with most likely the largest collection of stuff for corel.
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    Thanks for the links guys! I can always learn something new with Corel
    I'm just a newbie looking to learn all I can
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    after 15+ years of using Adobe products, I consider myself close to guru level in Photoshop and Illustrator, still learning CorelDraw though. Here are two pages I visit everyday for tutorials. If any of you ever run into a problem, shoot me a message :0)

    lso, if anyone wants a Google+ invite, let me know!
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    check your PM... I'll take an Google+ Invite!!!
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    Thanks for a nice tutorial and that why you people are watched everyday !!!!!!

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