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Thread: CBN Grinding Wheels Evaluation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant Wilkinson View Post
    Can these wheels be used on a 3450 rpm grinder, or do they have to be on a slow speed?
    Grant, the heat build up with CBN is nearly non-existent, so speed is a factor only in the amount of metal removed. Be warned that these wheels will remove A LOT of metal quickly - even on a slow speed grinder. Once you get the feel, then they work great and the result is a keep edge with very little lost metal. A light touch and quick movement is the best method - I suspect with a 3450 grinder, you would need to be very quick.

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    Grant, let me just echo what John said about the use of a high speed grinder by posting a response I received from Bill Neddow who authored an article on CBN wheels in the AAW's American Woodturner...

    Re: CBN Wheels

    Harvey, 3600 is at the upper end of the speed for CBN wheels, but the specs I have seen indicate the wheels will handle it. Generally, the maximum speed seems to be around 4,000 rpm. I would be a lot more comfortable at 1600 rpm. At that speed, the wheels can remove metal quickly if you are not careful and put some pressure on the tool. That would be compounded by increased speed.

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    I can feel the vortex ever so slightly building to a point where.....
    My curiousity is getting the better of me on these wheels.I need new wheels anyway so is the 180 the grit to get if your going to buy a wheel to start with. I keep up on my turning tools and do not let them get real dull so do I go 180 or is there a finer grit to look for. I have the slow speed Woodcraft grinder so speed is not an issue. In a perfect world I'm sharpening a new Glaser tool on my new CBN wheel.....

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    Greg, your choices in 8" are 80 and 180. I bought only one, and decided the 180 was the clear choice. It will remove metal very quickly, and leaves a beautiful edge. If I need to do some serious reshaping, then I can still use the 60 grit AO wheel that I left on my grinder.

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    Yesterday I received my 180 grit CBN wheel and bushing from D-Way and in 10 minutes I had it mounted on my 3450rpm Jet motor. I had to chuck up the 1" bushing in the lathe and wrap a piece of 220g sandpaper around a pencil and run it through the hole a few passes to get it to slid over the 5/8" arbor, but the wheel was dead true.

    This is a serious cutting wheel and I am developing a "lighter touch". The heavier CBN wheel carries momentum and keeps spinning longer than the old Norton. This allows me to do a quick start/stop and then sharpen most tools while the wheel is slowing down. I have a slow speed grinder (new-in-the-box) that I haven't set up because I'm short on space. If I can't seem to make this "lighter touch" thing work, I'll have to unpack it.

    I'm developing a serious liking to this CBN wheel!!!!!.................Mike

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    I don't usually start jonesin' for the latest and greatest, but you guys are really killing me, here! The pull of the vortex has almost become unbearable. I love my AO wheels, I love my AO wheels, I love my...........
    John Altberg

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    I think Steve and John are getting kick backs from some of the vendors, I say this, as I sharpen my new 15v 1/2 inch Glaser Hitec bowl gouge on my new CBN 180 grit wheel getting ready to turn a bowl blank from Mike Smith, that is mounted on my all-most new Powermatic. When I joined this forum I was a semi successful business man, now I am a broke tool junkie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Pickering View Post
    When I joined this forum I was a semi successful business man, now I am a broke tool junkie.
    Oh my! ....................I think I resemble that remark! .........being a tool junkie, that is............
    Remember, in a moments time, everything can change!

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    Tks much, John and Harvey.
    Ottawa ON

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    You guys are killing me. Everytime I promise my wife that I'm set with necessary equipment, a new must have tool pops up. Oh well I'll just tell her John Keeton made me do it. I just might need a good lawyer!!!
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    Got mine yesterday. Makes it seem like I have a new set of tools I never used before. Amazing butter like cuts.

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    I did some quick searching on the net and found that there are wheels that will go up to like 4000 grit for polishing and other things, but they are made for the metal working industry or for granite and stone polishing. They get pretty pricey too as most of them that will work on a regular grinder are made of solid metal and can be refurbished when they wear down with a lot of use. So I did a quick look on e-bay and found a 5 1/2" refurbished on on there for $39.00 I got it the other day and it is fantastic and I just made some bushings to mount it between centers on the lathe. That way I was able to go as slow as I wanted and in reverse. It is an 80 grit wheel and I sharpened anything and everything I could find and it works like a champ! I am always looking for a deal and fot lucky with the one I found.

    Good luck to everyone they are nice,

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    I have had my D Way CBN wheel for a few weeks now, and had the matrix type (3/16 of grinding matrix bonded onto an aluminum wheel) for 5 plus years. The 180 grit D Way wheel is coarser than my 150 grit matrix wheel. I did sharpen a few of my bench chisels on it, and no heat problem at all, while it is a minor problem with the matrix wheels. I may have to get another Baldor grinder for my old wheels. I haven't tried the 80 grit D Way CBN wheel yet. I do need to compare the 80 grit matrix wheel to the 180 D Way wheel. When I had my matrix wheels made, they would make them in whatever grit I wanted. I had a 320 grit wheel, and came to the conclusion that some times it just did not take enough steel off to refresh the edge, kind of like honing, some times you have to go back to the grinder when you hone. Maybe Dave can have a finer wheel made.

    The grinder wheels of the future.

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    I am cought in the Vortex as well... I ordered my 180 last week. Back ordered to the end of the month though

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    I have a question.

    Will these wheels sharpen the carbide bits from Easy Wood Tools?
    A few hours south of Steve Schlumpf

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