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    Attached is a couple of closeup views showing the drawer front and leg relationship as well as the dovetails for the drawers. Note the edge of the drawer face does not come to a point. In fact the outside edge is actually square to the face at that point.

    Drawer runners will be mortised into the front legs and a couple of vertical members at the back.

    Curved rails will be laminated. It's up to Bart to decide on method. We've discussed two. Either multiple thin layers or a thicker outer piece with saw kerfs and an inner one to stablize the bend and hide the kerfs.

    Drawer fronts will probably be the second method but again it's up to the craftsman.

    I suppose cockbeads could be done. It doesn't seem to be the thing Bart or Fran want.

    Doors may be coopered although bagging would be good, too.

    As to SketchUp, it shouldn't take you very long to get the hang of it. Certainly not six hours a day. Just give it a few minutes here and there. You'll get it.
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