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Thread: Laguna Bandsaw LT14 SUV

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    Thumbs up Laguna Bandsaw LT14 SUV

    I just purchase a New Laguna LT14 SUV Bandsaw on 5/26/11 at Woodcarft in Saginaw, MI. I up graded from a 12” Delta Bandsaw…..WOW what a big difference.

    I received my bandsaw on 6/2/11. They had a special on the saw and got it for 1495.00 with a Shearforce Blade. They are now 1595.00 with no blade.

    I am very pleased with the saw right out of the box. The saw came packaged on a pallet and banded inside a cardboard box. I took the box off and there was a wood frame built around the saw. It was package very well with no damage what so ever.

    The saw is very heavy so you will need help to unload it at your shop. They loaded it on my trailer with a forklift. It had to be hauled in the up right position so have a good trailer with heavy straps to hold it in place.

    Once I was able to get the saw in my basement wood shop I started putting it together and it took me about 30 min. The directions were very straight forward and easy to follow.
    I used 12-2 wire with a 25 amp double breaker to wire it up. If you are not familiar with wiring hire a pro to do this.

    I had a new 125 inch 3 TPI steel blade made at a local bandsaw place where they make custom length blades. I am using this blade for resawing. I also just received my Shearforce blade from Laguna and have ordered 4 more blades that have yet to come but, they should arrive tomorrow sometime. I just put my new custom blade on last night and did some resawing.

    I only squared the table to the blade and tried a cut on some hard maple. I cut a 1/8 inch vaneer and it cut great with very little effort. I then resawed a piece of red oak and again very nice cut with ease.
    I would highly recommend this saw to anyone serious about resawing.

    This saw was easy to set up and put together and cut almost perfect right from the factory without hardly any adjustments.

    Good job Laguna on a fine product.

    Toby S.
    Saginaw, MI

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    Congrats. I love mine. Has worked great for me.

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    Congratulations. Please post some pictures of it when you can.


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    Toby Walnut Vaneer.jpg

    This is the new saw and I just cut some black walnut vaneers just to see how well it did. I was able cut them at about 3/16 inch with no problem. I also resawed some 8 inch white oak and I pushed it through hard and the saw never even slowed down. I was using a Shearforce 5/8 inch resaw blade.

    Wood Shop 6-8-11.jpg
    Just a picture of my shop. (the shop is in my basement) My wife calls it my pole barn under the house.

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    Congrats Toby!,

    I actually just bought the same thing not too long ago and I absolutely love this saw. I upgraded from a Rikon 14 inch and the difference in like night and day. I have been able to almost get paper thing cuts with this saw. I did get the 1 inch re-saw king blade as well which I think really makes a difference. The saw is great and with the right blade and correct drift adjustment it really does cut like a table saw. I did read the review in Wood magazine and they had high praise for the saw as well but commented they did not like the lower table height. I am only 5' 11" tall and I love the lower table eight especially when re-sawing tall stock. With the lower table I am still looking down on the cut instead of looking at the top of the cut which I really like. Again congrats.

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    great saw love mine i raised mine 6" and use it for just curved cuts and my mm20 for resawing but the suv can do 14" with no problem

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    [QUOTE=Paul Zonneveld;1718745]Congrats Toby!,

    "I did get the 1 inch re-saw king blade as well which I think really makes a difference. "

    I too received a 1" re-saw king with this saw but have been afraid to use it because of what I read about 1" being to wide for a 14" saw.
    Inability to tension adequately, and too much strain on bearings, and too much curvature for blade that size. Has this proved true in your experience? Thanks for the help.

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    I shared this concern at first however I was able to get the blade to tension well enough and as I understand it this blade is a little "thinner" than a standard 1" thickness blade and the base material is a little more forgiving (part of the saw king design I guess). I do have to admit that I do de-tension the blade between uses by just getting the tension to release and not allowing the blade to come off the tyre. I have done this several times and each time the drift has remained accurate and the cuts true. The bearings do look pretty beefy so I am not too worried about it. I would install the blade and tension to an acceptable level and make some saw dust that is what this saw wants to do.

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