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Thread: What's up with lawn sprinklers

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    I called Melnor at lunch time today and told them I had problems with two of their sprinklers not working on my water pressure. After checking with a technician, the Customer Service lady said that they would not work at pressures at or below 40 psig. I told her t would have been nice if that information was on their packaging or their website. She agreed, and asked me to hold a minute. She said I should use their model 300 or 280.

    When she came back on the line she told me she wanted to get my full name and address to send me a model 300 sprinkler at no charge to replace the one I had purchased. And, I should call them back if that one does not work for me.
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    Glad to hear that they have someone knowledgeable in their customer service dept. My experience has been that most of these companies have outsourced their manufacturing and gotten rid of anyone that knows anything about the real product design or construction. Replaced them with snot nosed flashy marketers that think if it's wrapped in six color packaging any crap will sell.
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    I've bought several sprinklers over the years. All of them held up well until I used them. I'll probably be back at BORG buying a couple more this year since I used them last year. I usually get about 2 to 3 sprinkles out of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Monson View Post
    The good old tractor sprinkler is very hard to beat.
    Unless you live in one of the new subdivisions where they have shrunk the lots in order to cram in more houses and there is no room to run it. Not to mention the trench next to my sidewalk that goes down the middle of the yard dug by the previous owners yard crew in what they call "edging". The tractor would never make it over. But, I agree with you - where you can use them they are great. I'm keeping mine until I move out of suburbia.

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    Lee, take a look at these, I had one at one time and it just worked and did a great job. I left it in the shed when I move last time. They are not cheap but the the one I had lasted for years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Meiser View Post
    That is Nelson (Peoria, Illinois actually). I bought 4 nice hose nozzles from them over the last 2 years so we'd a good one in each spot we have a hose. Not cheap ones but metal ones with a selectable spray pattern. 100% failure rate on the four in 12-24 months. They were stored off the hoses, in the garage over the winter so it shouldn't have been caused by freezing and the failures are different. I went to their web site to try to find out about warranty and searching their site for the word warrantee or guarantee gives no results. I had to email customer service who told me all their stuff has 1 year warranty and that you have to have the original receipt and send them the defective item. Right--who saves a receipt for a $12 item and pays $6 to send it in for replacement? To their somewhat credit they did send me 3 replacements from a photo i sent, but the replacements feel even more cheaply made. What's really sickening is that the are a Robert Bosch company! Bosch also owns the brand carried at Lowes and they also now have a Peoria, IL address.

    I bought 3 new store brand ones at our local Do-It-Best hardware. They have an over the counter replacement guarantee. Ironically, when I got them off the packaging they say Nelson right on them but they feel more substantial than the ones they are replacing. And I know they will take care of me.
    All that is left of the original Nelson company is a name. Like so many other good names it is just a basterdized shell ofitself, like Troy Built, Cub Cadet, Porter Cable, and the list just goes on and on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Edgerton View Post
    All that is left of the original Nelson company is a name. Like so many other good names it is just a basterdized shell ofitself, like Troy Built, Cub Cadet, Porter Cable, and the list just goes on and on.
    Like so many other good names, we the consumer have made them just a basterdized shell of itself....

  8. This type of sprinkler has a single bar punched with a series of holes. It has a mechanism to oscillate the bar back and forth, creating a fan-shaped arc of water. The oscillating mechanism can be adjusted from a full side to side movement to any level on both sides. That way you can water only one side of an area and make the sprinkler stop at the zenith of the arc. It is difficult to maintain sprinklers.

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