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Thread: Recommend a Screened Porch Kit Supplier

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    Recommend a Screened Porch Kit Supplier

    A friend wants to convert her existing deck to a screened porch. This will involve modifications to strengthen the existing structure and increase the deck area for the new space plus adding a roof, support posts, screen panels, a door, etc.

    Does anyone have experience installing a screen porch kit and/or live in a home that has a screened porch built from a kit that they would recommend? We’re looking for a reputable supplier with a quality product. Poor local service and outrageous pricing has us looking to have the panels/parts shipped in so we can do it ourselves. The roof will be stick-built to match the house.

    What we’re looking for from a supplier:

    • Maintenance-free painted aluminum screen panels
    • Custom sizing
    • Quality door available with kit for color match
    • Considering panels that have interchangeable screens/glass
    • Hoping for excellent service and technical support
    • Hoping for reasonable lead time on order/delivery

    Your advice and recommendations based on your personal experience in dealing with a supplier would be appreciated along with photos of the finished project.

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    Not trying to rain on your parade, but given what you've stated "strengthen structure, add area, new roof...", I think you'd be better off looking to have it custom built for you. I have designed and built a few screen porches and experienced many others. The kits came off as second rate and "cheap feeling" imo. A quick google search of the custom kits, made me feel less than whelmed. Between the design limitations, and the need for custom sizing, I suspect that your desires would not be adequately satisfied. Perhaps I am wrong here.

    The nicest ones I have experienced were typically fixed screen structures that were stick built but had removable storm windows / storm shutters for winters. They provided the best utility and blended ino the architecture best. Best of luck in your search.

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