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Thread: Need lens for my laser...

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    Need lens for my laser...

    Ok... I know there are some experts here. I'm in need of a lens for my laser. I have not checked with Epilog yet, but I know it's probably not the most cost effective option. Any recommnedations? What info will I need if I use an alternative vender? Thanks.

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    These people have been posted before.. I have not needed their services as yet, but who knows!
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    Last time I bought from Laser research they had a $100 or $150 min order, thats been awhile, maybe thats changed. The last lens I bought, just recently was from Epilog, the price was a little higher but it came in the holder and was a two min exchange, easier than taking the old lens out
    and replacing ( you can put the holder in a pot of hot water and it will loosen the glue to release the lens, then use a drop of silicone in the corners to re-fasten the lens)

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