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Thread: Blank processing equipment gloat

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    I don't think this saw was used much. It runs well the foot break is a little sticky from being gummed up which needs to be cleaned. I scratched the paint a bit on the backbone of the saw moving it as we moved it by hand. a couple of friends and I tilted it on the steel bed of a trailer and slid it in and back off so there is some minor rash but it was the only practical way for me to move it. I need to do a bit of cleaning on the table top and that is about it. It already has about 20ft of 10 gauge soo cord and all I have to do is putt a plug on it. I will probably clean it up nice and pretty one of these days but for now just get it up and going and in use will be nice. I will not have any time to do it till next week as I am getting ready for a showing at a gallery this weekend.

    I am keep my 14" saw it was a X-mas gift from my wife about 9 years ago so I really should not get rid of it. Not only that I tuned it up well and it really cuts nice. I just needed a bigger saw for bigger jobs.


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    Lucky, good timing Alan.

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    Congrats Alan. That looks like one fine saw. Should cut about anything.

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    Wow, that is a prime candidate for Gloat of the Year. I know you'll have fun cleaning and tweaking.

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    That is a great deal! Good score on that one.

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    I am sure with that great big saw your going to get carried away and cut what seems to be more bowl blanks than you could ever use........Let me send you my address for you to get rid of a few.....LOL...Great Score........Congrats
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    That should be able to cut about any blank you could lift onto the table. Great Deal!

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    Yes there are a few people that have sent me wood that I need to get some out to them. It will make cutting up the blanks much easier I just have to get the time, which will hopefully happen in the next week.


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    Man, you suck. What a sweet deal. If you find another one let me know.

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