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Thread: Metal in the shop!

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    Metal in the shop!

    I made these two mobile bases for clients in town who are working on some projection technology that is based on clever rear projected LED screen "tiles" that can be configured to present images in a million ways - the tiles are smart and can detect what their neighbours are doing!

    The bases needed to be robust, mobile and handle any sort of configuration of these tiles. I designed the project to use inexpensive structural steel where I could and the tile interface with the base was the only place that I had to use expensive aluminum slotted extrusions. The narrower base is just over 8' and the wide one is 11'.

    I had the bases powder coated with textured black powder and t-nutted the ally extrusions to the top rails. I will have a photo of the bases loaded with tiles soon. I delivered the project a couple of weeks ago and promptly took a week off. Pat my own back!
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