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Thread: Boxwood supply

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    Boxwood supply

    Can anyone recommend a good supplier for boxwood.
    I want to make a handled wooden plow, so I will need a couple of pieces 2"+ x 6"+ x 14"+

    I can only seem to find very small pieces (i.e. knife scales), but nothing larger...

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    Check out

    I haven't ordered from them, but a couple of trusted woodworkers have. They're real, but you may have to buy a larger supply than you want.


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    Google "boxwood", or "European boxwood" to find some suppliers; I do know it's reported to be in limited supply, but that's normal for boxwood. Also, it doesn't grow very big; 2"x6" might be stretching what you can get, but it's not like I've tried to buy any lately. Good luck in your search.

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    Check out Righteous Woods. They are in Rowley MA.

    The guy that runs the place is unique, but he generally has some good stuff.

    It has been about 7 or 8 years since I have been there, but he used to sell 1/2 logs of boxwood(Buxus sempervirens).

    I have also purchased 1/2 logs from A&M Wood in Canada.

    When I bought my last couple of logs,about 5 years ago, it was about $15 a pound from A&M.

    Good luck,


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    Given your dimensional requirements, you are looking for Castello Boxwood in 8/4 lumber. A&m Wood Specialty has it when they can get it. Forget the half logs, knife scales and turning stock only!

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