Hello...I am a newbie here.

I found this forum while searching for a solution to a problem with my old Delta table saw. From the many posts I've read in this forum...sounds like a lot of knowledge out there on a lot of topics. Hopefully, someone can steer me in the right direction with my problem.

Through a process of elimination, I found my Delta table saw (34-400) has a bad arbor bearing that needs replacing. I was able to remove the arbor and bearing without too much hassle...but when I got online to locate parts I cannot find the correct replacement arbor bearing to fit my saw. I did find on every website offering Delta repair parts a slightly upgraded type of arbor with a flange and two separate bearings. The schematics say "when replacing Arbor Assembly parts for machines with serial numbers lower than DO-8276 (my serial is DI 8950) it is necessary to order the complete Arbor Bracket Assembly part no. 422-03-314-0016". I have tried that part number everywhere and either I get an "obsolete" or "cannot find" message. And, because of the difference I was able to see in the schematic...I must have the "lower" serial number..though I don't quite understand their system of numbering.

The bearings on my old arbor are evidently pressed on and are numbered mrc 5200zz...a double rolled bearing (?) My bearing suppliers have the same bearing but they are not the same width as the bearings I need. Can I put two of the bearings side by side (with a small spacing) and try to press them into the cast iron bearing assembly?

Thanks in advance for any help...looking forward to visiting this site often.