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Thread: "old money"

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    thanks hank. i have most of the money roughed in (painted) to follow.

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    If the Smithsonian judges don't think your work is art,they are too close minded,and should not be judges.

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    Your work is amazing! Thank you for this story, it was fascinating to watch it come together.
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  4. #79 2006 i won "best in show"...the only person to do it on the first try. the judges were more than fair. i'd be the first to admit my work is hard to categorize....its kinda the point.

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    ok...moving right along. the painting of the money not as finished as it looks...just roughed in.

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    here are some shots of the second box of money almost finished.

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    Randall, I apologize for not making it up to the showing August 4th. I had some ornamental fencing installed that week and of course it rained two days during the install. They finished up on Saturday afternoon. I hope you had a good show.
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    no prob bruce but i did think about you. on friday afternoon the market went down 600 points and i didn't sell much after that but thankfully i sold a bunch before. one client said "i have to call my broker"....that can't be good. next time.

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    Really outstanding (as usual!), Randall. And the market was down over 400 today, but I hope people are still willing to invest in good art like yours as I think it's better than the stock market by a long get to enjoy it for years to come!

    Take care and hope the summer has been good for you.


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    thanks kevin. this one was sold before i started and pretty much killed the summer. i had some fun surf days to balance all the work out............a LOT of work!!

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    one last shot...deliverd yesterday.

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    Randall, your painting detail is unbelievable...the water stains on the box are so real looking. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    So what's next on the list???

    Huricane Irene is heading my way...

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    kevin...i live on eastern long least on high ground but surrounded by 100 foot oak trees. could be problematical. good luck with the storm!!

    BTW.....i honestly have no idea what the next major piece is but i have to do 2 envelopes and 4 yellow pads before i have to worry about it.

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    This is hands down the most incredible display of craftsmanship that I have ever seen. I have been sitting here for fifteen minutes thinking of what I could possibly say more. I'm humbled by your ability.

    One question: What kind of paint do you use on these? It's incredible the depth of color, and tightness of line work, but grain is still evident in places.

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    thanks glen!! you are looking at a life time of practice, hard work, and moving in a forward direction.

    .....i use "micron" brand felt tip pens , mostly .005 and standard artists acrylic paint. the first thing i do is make sure i have enough of each background color to last the job. i will often go back and narrow an ink line with the back ground color. each bill is really a little painting of money. i take all kinds of artistic license........but its subtle and the scale sells it. i have some very fine paint brushes!!

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