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Thread: "old money"

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    richard.....i dont think so as i have very little inventory and a NY show next month plus one in santa fe and chicago....and a show at the LI museun with william kink in the fall.....and some commission work too. be careful what you wish for!!

    thanks jeff...a year and a half ago i was in a serious accident and shattered my right hand and wrist. god gave me an incredible gift but he took half of it back. since then i have learned it is far more about imagination and tenacity than physical talent. i used to have the steadiest hand not so much. i used to do the bills by drawing and painting over a background color with no mistakes. now they are little paintings where the background color is re applied until it looks right. sometimes many layers to do what i could once do on the first try. the carving is all about tenacity and a willingness to just go for it.

    nate....i started carving books, then painting the pages, then any paper object. the irony is intentional..thanks

    OK...back to working on the box and deeper painting...

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    thats william king

    other views ...same day this photo is larger than life size.

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    amazing work!
    Carpe Lignum

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    Incredible skill Randall. Are you bringing this piece to the Sofa West in Santa Fe?
    Please help support the Creek.

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    maybe...if i dont sell it before that. i already have a commission to do another.

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    Hey what happened to that corner I liked so much??? You weren't kidding the other day!

    Looking great, Randall. Sorry to hear about your accident...don't think of it as losing half the gift, I think God just wanted to challenge you more since you are so good!

    Take care,

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    That is one sweet Piece Randall. Thanks for taking us for the ride..

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    thanks everyone for all for the comments and questions. we are almost there. its not really finished yet but tomorrow you will be up to date. the truth is i could take any of the major pieces i've ever done and work on it for the rest of my life. i can always visualize something better. i am in the annoying habit of "tuning up" older sculptures....even years later.

    kevin...the lord works in mysterious ways. maybe it was just too easy before. besides the accident i'm not getting any younger.

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    Thanks Randall, You deserve a box like that for your work.
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    its hard to believe but the single greatest challenge for me is getting the cardboard right. its not like you can buy a tube of cardboard paint. what i do now is put on light washes of color and kind of sneak up on it till i'm happy. no one would believe how many thin coats of paint this takes.

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    Randall, just stunning! I don't know if you said somewhere along the way, but what's the approx size?

    A fun thing to do is what I just did with my two them the finished photos and ask "what is that?"
    "A box with money in it (yawn)."
    Then go to the top and show them the sequence...I actually got a "wow" out of them!

    What's next on the agenda?

    Thanks for sharing this.

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    thanks kevin...well, today i carved a matchbook. took two hours.
    its 14 x14 x10...the money is very close to life size.
    i have a commission to do another box like this and i'll probably do some more envelopes. and then some other idea will come along. meanwhile, i'm going snowboarding for a few days. what i showed in this thread was 70 days of work with no days off!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by randall rosenthal View Post
    no one would believe how many thin coats of paint this takes.
    The result is worthwhile, I think. I was fairly convinced looking at these (before this thread) that the money was carved and the box was just an old box. I've never seen anything like it. Most "famous" pop art couldn't hope to be 1/10th as good as this.

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