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Thread: "old money"

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    That's really impressive.

    Do you have a real box that you are working from or do you make it all up from your mind?

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    thanks sean.....i saw the ripped corner (highest spot on sculpture) on a real box and the whole sculpture flowed from that. i usually want to be able to make it up as i go and make radical changes rather than conform to a rigid representation. the painting however is in so many ways the opposite.

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    Randall, that is amazing. I was wondering what that triangular lump on the box flap was going to be.
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  4. #34 surprise here. i figured i do the easiest one first. some of the buried ones are going to be a bigger challenge to paint than to carve. you cant see it but under the flap goes in quite a ways.

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    What kind of tools do you use for that kind of painting accuracy (in addition to gifted and practiced genius in your brain and hands)?
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    thanks brian. first i mix a lot of the background color so i can tune up the painting every step of the way. i draw it on in pencil and then use a "micron" brand felt tip pen with archival ink. then i use the finest brush i can find with carbon black acrylic. then i do the color. the 50's have far more color and present a greater challenge. i finish with washes of carbon black. the green sides (which you will see in a bit) are done entirely with brushes as there is no pen i've found yet thats close to the right color and thin enough to be useful. unlike carving i can keep adding paint forever until i'm are satisfied.

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    Nice save on that corner, Randall, looks great!

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    dont get too attached to it dosent stay like that. eventually i come to dislike the shape of both flaps and put sharp bends in them. then i run out of wood.

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    moving right along

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    its kinda strange how this forum threads run. most just have pages and you go to the next page. sorry if i lose my place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randall rosenthal View Post
    its kinda strange how this forum threads run. most just have pages and you go to the next page. sorry if i lose my place.

    Make sure you have "Linear" display mode selected (near upper right).
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    thanks dan!.....duh.

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    Randall, your work is just mind blowing. Any show in the Hamptons this year?

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    Awesome, Fantastic, Awe-Inspiring . . .

    Like probably HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of us who've been quietly watching . . . UNBELIEVABLE!!

    I thought the carving was impossible, then you started to paint! How in the heck do you keep your hand steady enough to draw what look like exact replica's of those bills?

    You are one talented artisian . . .

    This is the best $6/year entertainment money (pun intended) can buy!!!
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    This is amazing. It's satisfyingly ironic that you carve "wood products" out of wood.

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