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Thread: "old money"

  1. #151 at the first crossroad. once you undercut thats it. no moving the shape up or down.

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    awhile later the same day.

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    i really like it at this point....more pure sculpture. but it's a long way to go to turn it into a pile of newspapers. 95% of the stock is gone but its really just the beginning.

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    my wife caren snuck in and took a studio shot. i use the 6x6s to move the sculpture up and down and tilt it.

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    tilted so i can carve the undercuts

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    Just a quick note to say it never gets old watching this thread. I especially like seeing the intermediate steps, the transition points are really fun to see where you can see the details start to take form. Really really appreciate you sharing.

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    thanks ryan....the last few days i've been roughing out the "details". its fun because i make it up as i go...mostly reacting to what's there. its a lot like watching a photo develop in the just gets more and more in focus. i guess you have to be a certain age to get that analogy.

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    this is the driveway to my shop. its surrounded by very tall oaks. we are very close to 3 large bodies of water but on top of the hill. we are safe from flooding but flying branches and downed trees.....not so much. hope everyone in the path of this storm weathers it ok. good luck.

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    i'm electric or internet....sitting in my car 15 miles from home pirating someone's wifi. hope everyone in the storm wasn't harmed too much. we had 10 downed trees.

    thank you everyone for the 50000 looks. it means a lot to me....randall
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    Just wanted to let you know that your thread was a great distraction from work on this Pre-Thanksgiving Wednesday! Thanks for posting this and keep it up! You work is amazing! (And the 5 other people in the office agree that got sucked in looking at it too...)


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    thanks ben...i've been working very hard lately as i have a show coming up in january and a commission i'm trying to finish at the same time. i've hit a glitch with this thread as "photobucket" the web hosting site i use has up graded. so of no longer works. as my good friend vic roy used to say "the enemy of good is better".

    hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!

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    image upload

    not finished but getting there.

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    Randall, my mind still has a hard time processing your incredible art!
    Please help support the Creek.

    Where we have strong emotions, we're liable to fool ourselves.
    - Carl Sagan

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