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Thread: "old money"

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    about a week to go.....doing work no one will notice but me.

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    I can't come up with words to describe your work. Thanks for sharing your process, very inspirational!

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    thanks paul.

    here's the latest piece "hushmoney 14" yep thats right....this is the 14th one i've done. first one with tape holding it together.

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    Just amazing!!! You are very talented!
    Wood is very beautiful in tree form. Wood is very useful in burning form. I merely try to make my work honor the first, avoid the latter, and aim for the middle: beautiful and useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Jolliffe View Post
    That's incredible.....You must know who the Italian carver is that does a lot of carving like you did. He does jackets, shirts, furniture & he even did a car that went into the water. A friend of mine had 5 or 6 pieces. I don't remember his name.
    I saw that guy's work in Las Vegas a bunch of years ago, and thought it was the coolest art I'd ever seen....until now!
    Randall, I am completely blown away by your work. Absolutely outstanding and extremely cool, too!

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    So, are the cup rings painted, or did you just put a dirty cup on the top of your newspaper carvings.

    I never come down here except to check this thread, btw.

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    You do truly GREAT painting,as well as carving. VERY realistic the way the envelope is a little translucent.

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    thanks george.

    david...i have a used yogurt container that is the right diameter. i mix a brown shade of thin acrylic paint and pool it on a flat surface. then i touch the rim of the container to it and use it to apply the paint to the sculpture. i spin and wiggle it a bit to get what i want. kind of a leap of faith as its the last step after months of work.

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    randall, that leap of faith thing is why I asked that. I guess putting something round on the paper is the easiest way to get it, but after it got to that point, I would think "what will I do if this doesn't work out right. Acrylic is pretty agreeable while it's wet and it's on something dry, though, right? (as in, you might be able to get it off of there without damaging underlying stuff).

    Regardless, it looks great, and like george says, the painting is spectacular. It's the carving that appeals to most of us first, but to do the carving and the painting and both so well is really great.

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    david....if i didn't like it i would try and sponge it off. its kind of tough to tell as the paint is lighter sometimes when wet than dry. i first thought to just paint it on with a brush(and sneak up on it) but the yogurt container is a better tool. i have a broken one also so i can make it look like a pencil is sitting on top of the stain. part of my creative process is inventing tools to do what i want to do. i have a box full of sandpaper glued to odd shapes, blocks, pallet knives, and saw blades.

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    "solving" my newest sculpture. sunday morning at the kitchen table.

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    30,000 looks!!.....OK i am both honored and mystified. where do the hits come from?

    but wherever...thank you. this internet thing is pretty cool!

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    Randall, do you actually paint on the news type?

    I repeat all of the awe and wonder.
    Veni Vidi Vendi Vente! I came, I saw, I bought a large coffee!

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    brian....i use a "micron" brand pen. its a very fine marker filled with archival ink.....unlike sharpies and the like with "permanent" ink thats good for two years and then fades away to nothing. lesson learned the hard way. i really don't try and make the printing look like newsprint.....just the right shape and scale is enough to fool the eye from a short distance. up close its obvious that its hand written.....and thats the point.

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    Randall, your work is a cool thing...and inspiring! Too bad it's not $10 a look, huh?!

    What are you working on these days?

    Thanks for sharing your work and hope all is well.


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