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Thread: Variation of a Southwestern Theme

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Steve Schlumpf View Post
    Roger - the blank was rotated slightly off true end-grain so that the coloring would run diagonal once finished.

    Thanks Steve.........I felt like it was not centered, because the growth rings were not concentric around the center.........your technique here made it all the more beautiful!
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    Beautiful piece Steve. I'm really taken with the heigth variation on this one. It really shows off that long red streak...Bill...

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    That's some pretty wood, but the form and the finish are perfect. That's too bad about losing the others, but was still worth it to get this one.
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    Another "Schlumpfified" work of art. A most excellent form on this one Steve and I'm very glad you had success with this one too.

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    Not much to add to what has been said already, but I like it, too!

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    Nice one Steve. Box elder is always so nice looking when streaked with red. Sorry to here the others did not make it.

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    Beautiful wood and your shape is superb! ..........Ron
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