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Thread: Looking for a laser friendly self-adhesive foil / similar to what plotters use

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    Looking for a laser friendly self-adhesive foil / similar to what plotters use

    Hi guys,

    i am in need for some recommendations regarding a two-layerd laser friednly foil that can be kiss-cut and transfered to other materials:

    a) for textiles and b) self adhesive for e.g. 'sign-making'-purposes.

    I know Romark has some, but their colors are quite limited. I am ideally looking for a broad range of colors (maybe even neon) and surfaces (glossy, matte).

    Is there something comparable to all those PVC-foils that are used in the plotter-world? I found some foils that are PU (polyurethane), mounted on a polyester-backing.

    Anyone any experience with something similar?
    Anyone working with foils and laser on a regular basis?

    Thanks + kind regards,

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    Oracal makes a vinyl for signs. They have a color swatch book you can get from sign supply companies. In that booklet, they have a specialty section. In there, there are polyester films, Series 351, gold, silver, chrome. I've not cut any of them on the laser, but it's all product made for signs, so you might want to check into them. Oracal makes a great product and they are reasonably priced.
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    Laserbits sells Laser Foil. It comes in 8? colors. Here is the link laserbitsdotcom/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=72_212
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    Thanks for the responses so far!

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    This isn't a want ad, it's a request for material suggestions.

    Oh, and Keith doesn't necessarily read every post, so if you want him to see something specific you need to PM him and point it out. Maybe a couple thousand posts per day here, that would be difficult for someone to read 24/7...
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    Exactly, Dan
    Back to not kidding: anyone else with experience lasering foil?

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    Hi Steffen,

    look at they have what you're looking for.

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    Andrea to the rescue Thank you very much - perfect link as well.

    Meanwhile i found flex and flock-foil (correct expression?!) for use on textiles with heat transfer presses, might be of interest some day:

    Let's talk soon, shall we?


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    I tried some of the Oracal this afternoon, worked like a charm. I used it pretty much
    like I think you'd use the LaserFoil .. peeled off the backing, smoothed it out on the
    wood, vector cut the logo and then weeded. I'll put a finish over it to seal it up, but
    it looked like brass inlay.

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