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Thread: Best Source for Oneway Talon

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    Best Source for Oneway Talon

    Could some of you share your sources for the Talon chuck. Please feel free to compare with others in the same price range. My lathe is a Jet Mini for the present but would like to be able to move up later without having to buy another chuck.

    Thanks as usual to the members of this great source of information, you make our path as beginners so much smoother.

    Glad to be part of your group.

    Thanks again, David

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    Frankly, I usually buy these things direct from OneWay. Orders over a hundred and fifty bucks (and this qualifies) have free shipping and the prices are pretty much the same as the best you'll find elsewhere.

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    I got my Stronghold chuck dirrect from One Way also with the free shipping. Lee valley has good priceing also.

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    David: I have a Talon on order right now. Didn't look at Oneway's site, but after looking at all the other usual supply catalogs I ended up ordering from They resell Penn State products and will even send you a Penn State catalog and tell you to call for pricing. I talked to Ryan, one of the owners, and I'm paying $199.95 for the chuck, plus shipping. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks to all. I ordered it today from OneWay direct 209.00 with no charge for freight.


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