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Thread: Where to get laser engraving supplies ?

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    Where to get laser engraving supplies ?

    Hi, I am looking for good sources to get my laser supplies from, all I know of at this time is but Id like more choices, I was browsing on google and found another engraver and his stuff I'd like to purchase blank for engraving his 2 sites are......


    the items on this page are what I'm really interested in !

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    This is a good spot for research,

    explore this site, the have digital magazines online
    as well as a supplier data base.
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    It would be helpful if you mention what kinds of supplies you need - there are lots of places that are specific such as Delvies for acrylic, Chewbarka for anodized, JDS for awards for example, but each category will lead to a list of a dozen companies, each good in their own way. Searching this forum with a specific topic (ie: wood thins, marble awards) will generate threads where folks have posted companies they've used and reviews of their products. Everyone has their favorites for various reasons. What are you looking for?

    Don't be afraid to try your local stores. Lots of us buy supplies from Lowes, Home Depot, Michael's and Walmart to name a few obvious ones.

    cheers, dee
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    right now I'm working with a printing/clothing shop so I'd like to find suppliers for items to go along with that type of industry, I know I can get items from local but I was just wanting more of a wholesale place to save money, even promotional items like CHEAP pens, money clips, water bottles, laserbits is ok but that's all I have for suppliers at this point, if I could get a true wholesale supplier ( by true wholesale I mean one that requires a tax ID # ) with great prices to purchase from, that would be swell.

    I do believe that Martins post will help tremendously for me !

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    Kasey, if you have a tax i.d. number, you can get an account with JDS,excellent service, good prices and huge variety of products. You can also do the the same with Johnson Plastics. You don't say where your located, contingent upon your location you might be lucky enough to have one of these companies warehouses close by.
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    unfortunately I live in Anchorage Alaska, I do have a tax ID and I will try these sites.

    Thank you
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    I've used laser sketch dot com before and didn't have any issues, but I think it will ultimately depend on the items you need.

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    I bought a started order of plastics and supplies from johnson. They split out the order so i had to pay double shipping, then when one of the boxes came crushed the ups driver told me to have the company make the claim but instead of charging ups, they just put the replacement on my credit card.

    nix to johnson

    Cheers marty
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