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Thread: Angle Perfect II Mini-review

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    I received an Angle Perfect II for Christmas (Thanks Mom! ). Iíve had a chance now to use it multiple times because the bookshelf I just constructed had many mitered pieces. I've used it for my table saw, SCMS and even my band saw. It is one of those time saving tools that I kick myself for not having bought sooner.

    Using it is very simple. You just set it on the saw table top (it has a magnetic base) and push the until against the blade so that two electrodes contact its side. If the blade is exactly 90-degrees (or 45 degrees using the other end), a green LED will glow brightly. If the blade isnít at the correct angle, all you need do is adjust it until the light comes on. No more having to cut some test pieces and refit them together to verify that the blade is set correctly. Instead, you can verify the blade angle in less than 10 seconds. It is accurate to within +/- .002.

    This is a great little time saver and I recommend it to everyone. You can buy it from several vendors including Woodworkerís Supply and Rockler which has it for $40 ( .

    As always, I have no affiliation with any of these manufacturers or vendors. Iím just a satisfied customer.
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    Hey Kent, does this mean you're no longer "a half a bubble off plumb"??? Thanks for the review. I've looked at that in the catalogs a half a dozen times, always thinking that, "'s just another "gizmo" kind of thing". Appreciate you setting my thinking straight!
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