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Thread: Open-end drum sanders - Grizzly G0458 vs. Jet 16-32

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    Open-end drum sanders - Grizzly G0458 vs. Jet 16-32

    I've been lusting after a drum sander for a while, but a recent slew of projects really could have used it.

    The Jet/Performax 16-32 gets really great reviews and seems to be the obvious choice. However, I missed the recent $799 sale and plunking down over a grand for a new one isn't something I'm going to do right away. I've been looking out for used ones, but to no avail.

    I've seen some good deals on used Grizzly G0458s (18" open end). I'm wondering if anyone can comment on the differences between the two sanders? I'm aware that one major difference is that the conveyor table moves up and down on the Grizz, making the addition of infeed/outfeed supports tricky, if not impossible.

    Your comments would be appreciated. In the meantime, I'm going to go dig around for loose change under the couch cushions...

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    I have the G0458. I like the rigidity of the stationary drum with the table moving. I have seen the a Jet 1632 at a woodworking show with the drum bouncing all over the place. I have seen owners confirm and deneigh this. I have never felt the nned for infeed and outfeed tables. I don't have any belt tracking issues. The sand-smart feature on the Jet is nice. I think the Jet also has a separate motor for the conveyor belt. I hate the hard to reach places that need lubed every day on the Grizzly

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    I have the Grizzly and love it, the head is very strong, with it being stationary. I have not need out feed rollers as I have not sanded long boards (3 ft tops) The sand paper is about a 3 min change very easy and only $3.00 a rool from Gizzly. I bought it on sale and cash back from bing worth the money.

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    I have the Delta 18/36 which I guess is similar to the Grizzly with the tables raising and lowering rather than the drum.

    I'm just finishing my first project that I used it on, A pair of oak end tables. I like it a lot. Probably did about 80% of the sanding of this project with it.

    I got lucky and bought a used one from a creeker.

    Whichever brand you choose I would highly recommend a drum sander. It's a nice tool to have.

    Good luck with it.


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    I don't think there are a lot of people who have owned both units. I have not seen or used the Griz model, but wether the table moves or the motor and head moves, the amount of flex would be similar, and a wash as to which is "better". Either the table will have play of the head will. It does have a separate drive motor, but this allows a wide range of belt speeds. Don't know about the Griz, if belt speeds are adjustable. If not, this is one featue of the Jet I really like. Can't see why that would be bad.

    I have to say that I have gotten my Jet head to chatter, but that was trying to hog off a lot of wood with the 36 grit belt. Yes, it is not ready to go out of the box. You HAVE to tweak it in. I noticed many of the complaints of the belt destroying itself were probably due to not adjusting it. Yes the head sometimes needs to be adjusted to be paralell. Again, this needs to be adjusted when you buy it. It does go out from time to time.

    Bottom line for me. If you try not to hog off lots of wood, it's fine. If you adjust the belt, it should be fine. If you adjust the head to be parallel, it should be fine. BUT, I don't know of any piece of gear that does not need and never needs tweaking.

    Oh, if you want to get thin stock, I routinely sand to .080. Without a sled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Iwamoto View Post
    but wether the table moves or the motor and head moves, the amount of flex would be similar, and a wash as to which is "better". Either the table will have play of the head will.
    Not sure if I would agree...a moving table can still be supported at both ends. It looks as if it is. That said, Performax here. Nice unit for what is is.

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    Agree with the concept that it may be tough to find people with vast experience with both, but ... chalk up another happy 16-32 owner, here.

    Bought it used, with the Accura polypropylene conveyor belt. Did all the align/tune/tweak stuff I could find. REALLY happy with its performance, and the dust collection with my 2HP HF DC.

    I've been running (IIRC) 120 grit. Too lazy to change it out, but ... haven't found a compelling need to.

    Also agreed: drum sanders are a VERY nice thing !

    As always ... I only wish it was bigger and had more power (odd, huh ? )

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    Just got the Jet last week, was able to get it from CPO Tools for $799 plus free shipping. Seems to be perfect out of the box. Only used it a few times but I can already tell you that I'm happy with it!

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    Victor, I recently got the jet 16-32 and love it. Out of the box, I made the few adjustments required, hooked up my dc and ran some cherry thru it. Some threads complain about the tool supplied to aid in changing the paper. It takes a little time to get used to it. Once you understand how to use it, changing paper is only a few minutes. Some people have complained about snipe. I run this machine without the optional in & outfeed tables. Instead I set up roller stands on both sides. At first I got snipe, then realized my stands were not positioned properly. Now I get no snipe. By the way, I have plans to build my own in and outfeed tables. As much as I like this machine, I would be hard pressed to pay 1000.00 for it. I would either wait for another sale, or keep watching Craig's list. John

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    I love my Jet 16/32. I don't know what I would do without it. Love it for glue cleanups. I use it almost as much as my cabinet saw.

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    I have a Performax 16-32 with end feed tables it does everything I have ever asked it to and then some.I only buy rough cut boards for all my projects and most of the time dont even put them thru my planer just sand both sides and then put in my Carvewright machines .i have more problems with snipe with my planer then ever with my 16-32.I bought it used and have never had to do anything except replace feed paper once.
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    While I only paid 350 for my 16/32 used, if it broke tomorrow I would look for a little while for a used one and if I didn't find one I bet I would be forced to buy a new one. I love that thing and don't ever want to be with out it. As a matter of fact I found myself subconsciously thinking, "Boy an oscillating 22/44 sure would be nice."

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