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Thread: Best Hearing Protection with AM/FM or mp3 jack

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    Best Hearing Protection with AM/FM or mp3 jack

    Saw posts from a year ago. What are you favorite hearing protection ear muffs with a radio?

    Peltor 2600 seems to be liked. Also the AO Safety Digital Worktunes. Are there better ones out there with better noise reduction and a better radio?

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    I have cable in the shop for TV and cables music channels and will be adding satellite radio in a couple of weeks. I have used some wireless headphones from Radio Shack for the last 3 or 4 years. I just replaced them with some Sennheiser RS 170 wireless. They work well for noise reduction with most operations, except the planer and jointer, when I use better ear protection. I bought the Sennheiser because the Stinger CNC was just to loud and ran hours at a time. I can wear them while the Stinger is running and feel my hearing is protected while listening to whatever I please.

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    Peltor is certainly one of the best. I have one of the newer AM/FM ones with digital tuning. Good noise control, good radio sensitivity. I put rechargeable batteries in it. I think they also have ones that accept input from an ipod or the like.

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    I use Bose noise canceling headphones connected to an iPod. Works very well to silencing an Oneida Pro 2000 running in tandem with a 5hp table saw.

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    I have been using the Ryobi noise canceling headphones. They have a jack for my mp3 player

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